Uptown: a Free Property Management Website Template In the Real Estate Industry Uptown: a Free Property Management Website Template In the Real Estate Industry Uptown: a Free Property Management Website Template In the Real Estate Industry Uptown: a Free Property Management Website Template In the Real Estate Industry

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Uptown is a striking free property management website template for everyone in the real estate industry. With its clean and modern appearance, it will be a breeze capturing their attention right off the bat. Before we continue, Uptown also works for rental companies, realtors and agents who would like to take their business to a whole new level. After all, with a website, you can present all the property you are pushing in the best possible light. It makes sure everyone gets all the information necessary.

Some of the goodies, Uptown comes with, contain search function, parallax effect, sticky navigation, scrolling animations and testimonials. The latter plays a big part when building customer loyalty, especially once you enter the industry fresh, and no one has ever heard of you before. You can also give back to the community with a blog and offer everyone to get in touch with you via the integrated contact form.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Lavender Magenta #ea6cd4 rgb(234,108,212)
Kokoda #6a6c5d rgb(106,108,93)
Fern Frond #54741c rgb(84,116,28)
Scorpion #62595a rgb(98,89,90)
Shocking #dc79b4 rgb(220,121,180)
Lavender Magenta #e66ed4 rgb(230,110,212)
Emperor #544c54 rgb(84,76,84)
Sambuca #2c1c0c rgb(44,28,12)
Dorado #644c4c rgb(100,76,76)
Periwinkle Gray #c4d0e4 rgb(196,208,228)
Lavender Magenta #e76ecf rgb(231,110,207)
Sandrift #aa947d rgb(170,148,125)
Buddha Gold #baa40a rgb(186,164,10)
Tapa #75706d rgb(117,112,109)
Harvest Gold #e2b177 rgb(226,177,119)
Orchid #e66cce rgb(230,108,206)
Gunsmoke #848686 rgb(132,134,134)
Asphalt #140906 rgb(20,9,6)
Pine Cone #6d6258 rgb(109,98,88)
Double Pearl Lusta #fcf5d2 rgb(252,245,210)
Hopbush #cf77b2 rgb(207,119,178)
Pine Cone #71645b rgb(113,100,91)
Irish Coffee #5d4220 rgb(93,66,32)
Taupe #382f29 rgb(56,47,41)
Citrine White #f9f2d5 rgb(249,242,213)
San Juan #34546c rgb(52,84,108)
Leather #947c54 rgb(148,124,84)
Rhino #2b4559 rgb(43,69,89)
Trout #4c5464 rgb(76,84,100)
Cameo #deb59f rgb(222,181,159)
Santa Fe #af6f4f rgb(175,111,79)
Monsoon #8c848c rgb(140,132,140)
Eclipse #2c1c14 rgb(44,28,20)
Scorpion #5c5c5c rgb(92,92,92)
French Lilac #e4ccec rgb(228,204,236)
San Juan #31556d rgb(49,85,109)
Del Rio #af978a rgb(175,151,138)
Jelly Bean #296c98 rgb(41,108,152)
Pine Cone #6a5c53 rgb(106,92,83)
Cashmere #e4baa5 rgb(228,186,165)
Hopbush #ca70b5 rgb(202,112,181)
Mid Gray #616162 rgb(97,97,98)
Mirage #161d31 rgb(22,29,49)
Cocoa Brown #120d0f rgb(18,13,15)
Viola #d097bf rgb(208,151,191)

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