Homes: a Free Property Listing Website Template Homes: a Free Property Listing Website Template Homes: a Free Property Listing Website Template Homes: a Free Property Listing Website Template

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If you are ready to start your own real estate listing platform, Homes is the free property website template for you. Instead of building the web design from scratch, you can skip it entirely by picking up Homes. This neat, modern and flexible website canvas is ready and set to present all your homes, apartments and other places beautifully on the web. And it does not matter whether they use a mobile or desktop device to browse your properties, Homes has a fluid layout anyway. Besides, it is also ideally in tune with retina screens, as well as popular web browsers.

Homes features advanced property search function, social media icons, Google Maps, striking single property pages and a fully working contact section. What’s more, you can also start a real estate blog, sharing tips, tricks and other useful information about property shopping.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Danube #6990ca rgb(105,144,202)
Kimberly #7f7aa3 rgb(127,122,163)
Haiti #13113a rgb(19,17,58)
East Bay #3d4075 rgb(61,64,117)
Danube #79a2d9 rgb(121,162,217)
Azure #3959aa rgb(57,89,170)
Mongoose #b79d84 rgb(183,157,132)
San Marino #446c9c rgb(68,108,156)
Outer Space #282b2b rgb(40,43,43)
Danube #6a9ed8 rgb(106,158,216)
Azure #3756a8 rgb(55,86,168)
Storm Gray #6f6f88 rgb(111,111,136)
Fern Frond #416121 rgb(65,97,33)
Dune #262321 rgb(38,35,33)
Danube #6ca1da rgb(108,161,218)
Spray #65e9f3 rgb(101,233,243)
Dorado #5c5553 rgb(92,85,83)
Matisse #1d6e92 rgb(29,110,146)
Pale Sky #627282 rgb(98,114,130)
Polo Blue #91b6d5 rgb(145,182,213)
Bright Turquoise #14d4ef rgb(20,212,239)
Polo Blue #8aadca rgb(138,173,202)
Matisse #19698f rgb(25,105,143)
Pale Sky #617381 rgb(97,115,129)
Anzac #e3b84f rgb(227,184,79)
Atlantis #8cd444 rgb(140,212,68)
Nobel #b4aeac rgb(180,174,172)
San Juan #345474 rgb(52,84,116)
Shuttle Gray #54646c rgb(84,100,108)
Cornflower #88bbe4 rgb(136,187,228)
Twine #c1996c rgb(193,153,108)
Wild Blue Yonder #8588b4 rgb(133,136,180)
Black Olive #1e200f rgb(30,32,15)
Sand Dune #7d6a5d rgb(125,106,93)
Polo Blue #8ca6ca rgb(140,166,202)
Polo Blue #87b1d5 rgb(135,177,213)
Jumbo #7d7b87 rgb(125,123,135)
Cloud Burst #24304b rgb(36,48,75)
Waikawa Gray #596989 rgb(89,105,137)
Regent St Blue #adc9e4 rgb(173,201,228)
Teak #b68f64 rgb(182,143,100)
Martini #ac9f9f rgb(172,159,159)
Eternity #221e0e rgb(34,30,14)
Sandstone #7c6b5d rgb(124,107,93)
Polo Blue #8aa4c8 rgb(138,164,200)

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