Stayhome: a Free Real Estate Agency Website Template Stayhome: a Free Real Estate Agency Website Template Stayhome: a Free Real Estate Agency Website Template Stayhome: a Free Real Estate Agency Website Template

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Stayhome is your number one free real estate agency website template solution to bring your properties in front of the masses. The theme sports a one-page layout which creates a pleasant and cozy browsing experience for all your users. Stayhome is also fully responsive, flexible, easy to customize, cross-browser compatible and well-documented.

There is a massive banner with search function welcoming all your potential customers above the fold. A compelling image coupled with some text can easily intrigue them to learn more about your services and your realty. Other goodies of Stayhome include parallax effect, sticky menu, property slider, blog pages and testimonials. Working contact form and Google Maps are also in the kit for your convenience. A one-page website is all you need for your real estate agency, or even if you are a real estate agent, to attract new clients and grow your business accordingly.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Tumbleweed #e19e81 rgb(225,158,129)
Toast #9f7b6a rgb(159,123,106)
Spice #65422b rgb(101,66,43)
Cod Gray #100e0e rgb(16,14,14)
Cashmere #e7bba6 rgb(231,187,166)
Indigo #4c6cbc rgb(76,108,188)
Cadet Blue #a7adbe rgb(167,173,190)
Cloud Burst #243560 rgb(36,53,96)
Bunker #14191e rgb(20,25,30)
Aqua Spring #f4fbfc rgb(244,251,252)
San Marino #4e6bba rgb(78,107,186)
Gray Chateau #9ea0a1 rgb(158,160,161)
Cloud Burst #25345f rgb(37,52,95)
Woodsmoke #17181a rgb(23,24,26)
Spindle #a1b3e1 rgb(161,179,225)
Burnt Sienna #e48c4c rgb(228,140,76)
Waikawa Gray #546ca4 rgb(84,108,164)
Firefly #0c242c rgb(12,36,44)
Roman Coffee #7b6751 rgb(123,103,81)
Straw #d4b47c rgb(212,180,124)
San Marino #506ab4 rgb(80,106,180)
Donkey Brown #a48e7e rgb(164,142,126)
Sepia #6c3e15 rgb(108,62,21)
Tobacco Brown #6d5746 rgb(109,87,70)
Di Serria #e18f49 rgb(225,143,73)
Spicy Mix #835c3e rgb(131,92,62)
Santas Gray #949cac rgb(148,156,172)
Cioccolato #62390e rgb(98,57,14)
Woodland #3c4c2c rgb(60,76,44)
Rose Fog #e4bcac rgb(228,188,172)
Ming #345c7c rgb(52,92,124)
Boulder #7c7c7c rgb(124,124,124)
San Juan #345474 rgb(52,84,116)
Gray Asparagus #485147 rgb(72,81,71)
Indigo #5c78c4 rgb(92,120,196)
My Pink #d19b8b rgb(209,155,139)
Dove Gray #716665 rgb(113,102,101)
Spicy Mix #855a3c rgb(133,90,60)
Sycamore #8a7c41 rgb(138,124,65)
Rose Fog #e2b7af rgb(226,183,175)
San Juan #345b7a rgb(52,91,122)
Corduroy #626363 rgb(98,99,99)
Blue Zodiac #101e40 rgb(16,30,64)
Siam #585d4b rgb(88,93,75)
White Lilac #f4f4fc rgb(244,244,252)

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