Rental: a Spectacular Free Bootstrap Real Estate Website Template Rental: a Spectacular Free Bootstrap Real Estate Website Template Rental: a Spectacular Free Bootstrap Real Estate Website Template Rental: a Spectacular Free Bootstrap Real Estate Website Template

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Rental is a spectacular free Bootstrap real estate website template which architects and interior designers will find beneficial, too. It rocks loads of modern and premium-like perks that will elevate your online presence without trouble. Just the creative design alone sparks interest in everyone who visits your site. Of course, Rental is also responsive, mobile-ready, compatible with modern web browsers and retina screens. It keeps presenting all your custom content sophistically regardless of the device and platform they use.

Along with a striking and stunning front page, Rental also includes internal sections, as well as blog pages and a fully functional contact form. You can later expand your web space with a front-end property submission form and introduce content marketing to reach even more potential clients. Rental is a free real estate website template that keeps things organized and newbie-friendly, making sure it is easy to employ.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Sorrell Brown #c6b381 rgb(198,179,129)
Tallow #a59b88 rgb(165,155,136)
Astronaut #223f6c rgb(34,63,108)
Shuttle Gray #5f6a77 rgb(95,106,119)
Straw #d4b67f rgb(212,182,127)
Di Serria #df9568 rgb(223,149,104)
Comet #546176 rgb(84,97,118)
Potters Clay #944f38 rgb(148,79,56)
Gondola #261916 rgb(38,25,22)
My Pink #d8a184 rgb(216,161,132)
Sepia Skin #9c583f rgb(156,88,63)
Comet #536075 rgb(83,96,117)
Niagara #0eafa4 rgb(14,175,164)
Cocoa Brown #271c1a rgb(39,28,26)
Copperfield #dd9468 rgb(221,148,104)
Laser #d1b474 rgb(209,180,116)
Gull Gray #a4b4bc rgb(164,180,188)
Dallas #634e20 rgb(99,78,32)
Comet #515c74 rgb(81,92,116)
Tan #ccb47c rgb(204,180,124)
Sorrell Brown #c9b687 rgb(201,182,135)
Gull Gray #a0b0b8 rgb(160,176,184)
Cello #204a68 rgb(32,74,104)
Mirage #1e2b3c rgb(30,43,60)
Laser #cbb573 rgb(203,181,115)
Eastern Blue #248cb4 rgb(36,140,180)
Americano #84736f rgb(132,115,111)
Big Stone #142c36 rgb(20,44,54)
Chicago #615e54 rgb(97,94,84)
Periwinkle Gray #c9daeb rgb(201,218,235)
Laser #d2b478 rgb(210,180,120)
Gothic #7494a4 rgb(116,148,164)
Sepia Skin #a46c3c rgb(164,108,60)
Crocodile #78725a rgb(120,114,90)
Pavlova #dcc6a2 rgb(220,198,162)
Well Read #bb3731 rgb(187,55,49)
Malta #bcae9b rgb(188,174,155)
Big Stone #182c39 rgb(24,44,57)
Shuttle Gray #62666b rgb(98,102,107)
Iceberg #d8e9f1 rgb(216,233,241)
Tan #d0ba89 rgb(208,186,137)
Napa #afa091 rgb(175,160,145)
Brown Rust #a06336 rgb(160,99,54)
Nevada #686f79 rgb(104,111,121)
Raffia #ebddc2 rgb(235,221,194)

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