Sintec: a Wonderful and Easy to use Free Building Company Website Template Sintec: a Wonderful and Easy to use Free Building Company Website Template Sintec: a Wonderful and Easy to use Free Building Company Website Template Sintec: a Wonderful and Easy to use Free Building Company Website Template

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Sintec is a wonderful and easy to use free building company website template. Thanks to its versatility and high adaptability, you can also use Sintec with all sorts of construction and architect projects and then some. Sintec delivers a clean and contemporary web design that fluently acclimatizes to any device and browsing platform. In other words, it is 100% responsive and cross-browser compatible.

Additional amenities of Sintec are parallax effect, sticky navigation bar, social media icons, animated statistics and categorized portfolio section. Introduce testimonials slider and start building customer trust. Moreover, you can also start a blog and implement content marketing to expand your reach over and above. Last but not least, activate the included contact form and Google Maps and you are ready to rock and roll.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Scarlet #e22405 rgb(226,36,5)
Shady Lady #a9a3a9 rgb(169,163,169)
Blue Zodiac #0b123a rgb(11,18,58)
Gun Powder #494454 rgb(73,68,84)
Old Rose #c28274 rgb(194,130,116)
Tulip Tree #e6b13c rgb(230,177,60)
Silver Chalice #a7a5a5 rgb(167,165,165)
Spicy Mustard #75550f rgb(117,85,15)
Cape Cod #4c5454 rgb(76,84,84)
White Linen #fcf9f5 rgb(252,249,245)
Oslo Gray #979899 rgb(151,152,153)
Spicy Mix #8a5941 rgb(138,89,65)
Outer Space #2a2e2d rgb(42,46,45)
Tulip Tree #eeb244 rgb(238,178,68)
Canary #f0fc62 rgb(240,252,98)
Oriental Pink #c4948c rgb(196,148,140)
Pistachio #acc404 rgb(172,196,4)
Soya Bean #6c5c4c rgb(108,92,76)
Manhattan #f7ce8e rgb(247,206,142)
Canary #f1fa62 rgb(241,250,98)
Oslo Gray #989da0 rgb(152,157,160)
Sycamore #9b8e44 rgb(155,142,68)
Outer Space #29302f rgb(41,48,47)
Anzac #e4994a rgb(228,153,74)
Steel Blue #5e81b8 rgb(94,129,184)
Natural Gray #8c897e rgb(140,137,126)
Eternity #281a11 rgb(40,26,17)
Flint #6b675a rgb(107,103,90)
Di Serria #d69452 rgb(214,148,82)
Thunderbird #dc2414 rgb(220,36,20)
Silver Chalice #b0acac rgb(176,172,172)
Rustic Red #540c04 rgb(84,12,4)
Shuttle Gray #545c66 rgb(84,92,102)
Spindle #b4d4ec rgb(180,212,236)
Sandy brown #f0aa55 rgb(240,170,85)
Delta #afaea5 rgb(175,174,165)
Sepia Skin #a1693c rgb(161,105,60)
Costa Del Sol #59522b rgb(89,82,43)
New Orleans #f4d5a1 rgb(244,213,161)
Scarlet #e22305 rgb(226,35,5)
Dusty Gray #a29c9b rgb(162,156,155)
Prairie Sand #9f3929 rgb(159,57,41)
Nevada #6d7172 rgb(109,113,114)
Double Spanish White #eadcc5 rgb(234,220,197)

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