Rehomes: a Mobile-Ready and Responsive Free Real Estate Listing Website Template Rehomes: a Mobile-Ready and Responsive Free Real Estate Listing Website Template Rehomes: a Mobile-Ready and Responsive Free Real Estate Listing Website Template Rehomes: a Mobile-Ready and Responsive Free Real Estate Listing Website Template

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Rehomes is a mobile-ready and responsive free real estate listing website template with a stunning web design. Instead of starting from scratch, you can now simply download the tool and start using it right away. Rehomes comes with loads of different features and goodies that will help you finish completing your page sooner rather than later.

First thing you will notice is the Google Maps integration you can put into practice to display real estate listings. Offer your users to move around the map and find the ideal house or apartment in the area they are interested in. Moreover, if you think outside the box, Rehomes could also work fantastically well as an accommodation platform. The choice is yours; Rehomes is here to help you realize your ideas and create the real estate listing platform that you would like to kick off.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Sushi #a7b63e rgb(167,182,62)
Waikawa Gray #5d7899 rgb(93,120,153)
Citrus #94bc10 rgb(148,188,16)
Charade #2c323b rgb(44,50,59)
Zombie #e4d593 rgb(228,213,147)
Sushi #8cb93c rgb(140,185,60)
Willow Grove #647958 rgb(100,121,88)
Pistachio #96c309 rgb(150,195,9)
Fuscous Gray #5b5a4c rgb(91,90,76)
Cornflower #84b9e4 rgb(132,185,228)
Denim #116bca rgb(17,107,202)
Sage #98a881 rgb(152,168,129)
Seaweed #1c210b rgb(28,33,11)
Fuscous Gray #54554c rgb(84,85,76)
Cornflower #88bce7 rgb(136,188,231)
Atlantis #a4c424 rgb(164,196,36)
Bud #aaaea4 rgb(170,174,164)
Lima #8ccc14 rgb(140,204,20)
Sirocco #707474 rgb(112,116,116)
Sulu #ccf098 rgb(204,240,152)
La Rioja #98c316 rgb(152,195,22)
Gray Chateau #999fa3 rgb(153,159,163)
Mikado #342614 rgb(52,38,20)
Charade #2c313a rgb(44,49,58)
Deco #d7dda3 rgb(215,221,163)
Anzac #dfa044 rgb(223,160,68)
Zambezi #5e5454 rgb(94,84,84)
Irish Coffee #5e3723 rgb(94,55,35)
Clay Creek #81765c rgb(129,118,92)
Key Lime Pie #9ec41e rgb(158,196,30)
Jumbo #7a7884 rgb(122,120,132)
Lima #94bc14 rgb(148,188,20)
Cape Cod #3a3f40 rgb(58,63,64)
Conifer #bce05e rgb(188,224,94)
Anzac #dea04b rgb(222,160,75)
Cement #82765f rgb(130,118,95)
Irish Coffee #623825 rgb(98,56,37)
Zeus #2c211a rgb(44,33,26)
Pear #b9e63c rgb(185,230,60)
Key Lime Pie #9fc620 rgb(159,198,32)
Rolling Stone #78797b rgb(120,121,123)
Gordons Green #111408 rgb(17,20,8)
Tundora #443f44 rgb(68,63,68)
Khaki #dcf391 rgb(220,243,145)

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