Seapalace: a Luxurious and Free Bootstrap HTML Hotel Website Template Seapalace: a Luxurious and Free Bootstrap HTML Hotel Website Template Seapalace: a Luxurious and Free Bootstrap HTML Hotel Website Template Seapalace: a Luxurious and Free Bootstrap HTML Hotel Website Template

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Seapalace is a modern, responsive, luxurious and easy to use free Bootstrap HTML hotel website template. You can use it with all your accommodation businesses to create outstanding pages that will drive your projects further. Whether you use Seapalace exactly as is or you tweak it so it matches your branding, Seapalace has proven again and again that the outcome is always a masterpiece.

With its mobile-ready, retina-friendly and cross-browser compatible web design, Seapalace works seamlessly on all devices and platforms. It comes with a booking/availability form, working contact form, Google Maps and a nifty photo gallery. If you need inspiration, as well as save yourself time and money, get your hands on Seapalace and enjoy its benefits. It is a well structured free hotel website template with an assortment of handy features that will push your place, your rooms and other services to new extents.

The color palette of this template is composed by 40 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Pesto #7c6c34 rgb(124,108,52)
Hillary #b0a38d rgb(176,163,141)
Big Stone #17313f rgb(23,49,63)
Outer Space #2d3c39 rgb(45,60,57)
Orange Roughy #bc561c rgb(188,86,28)
Lemon Grass #90958b rgb(144,149,139)
Chambray #3c6494 rgb(60,100,148)
Nevada #646f74 rgb(100,111,116)
Jaffa #ec8c34 rgb(236,140,52)
Oracle #3b6a7c rgb(59,106,124)
Nevada #68767d rgb(104,118,125)
Eternity #1b120c rgb(27,18,12)
Shadow #816952 rgb(129,105,82)
Fire Bush #e68233 rgb(230,130,51)
Steel Blue #4c79b2 rgb(76,121,178)
Martini #b4a4a4 rgb(180,164,164)
Rhino #263c58 rgb(38,60,88)
Dolphin #6b6478 rgb(107,100,120)
Aqua Spring #f4fcfc rgb(244,252,252)
Dallas #70542a rgb(112,84,42)
Dusty Gray #9a9393 rgb(154,147,147)
Cloud Burst #1d2c46 rgb(29,44,70)
Cinder #0a070b rgb(10,7,11)
Potters Clay #825937 rgb(130,89,55)
Regent Gray #8294a4 rgb(130,148,164)
Aztec #0f231a rgb(15,35,26)
Bismark #4d6d84 rgb(77,109,132)
Cameo #dbc2aa rgb(219,194,170)
Laser #cca470 rgb(204,164,112)
Bali Hai #7c8cac rgb(124,140,172)
Firefly #0c1c2c rgb(12,28,44)
Shuttle Gray #56606c rgb(86,96,108)
Blumine #225482 rgb(34,84,130)
Regent Gray #8294a2 rgb(130,148,162)
Denim #0f62b5 rgb(15,98,181)
Pale Sky #6a707b rgb(106,112,123)
Twine #c5a071 rgb(197,160,113)
Dawn #a19c95 rgb(161,156,149)
Oxford Blue #323d4d rgb(50,61,77)
Laser #cbac73 rgb(203,172,115)

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