Hamlet: a Free Bootstrap Real Estate Website Template Hamlet: a Free Bootstrap Real Estate Website Template Hamlet: a Free Bootstrap Real Estate Website Template Hamlet: a Free Bootstrap Real Estate Website Template

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Hamlet is a spectacular free Bootstrap real estate website template with a modern and mobile-ready web design. If you would like to create a strong and lasting first impression for all your visitors and potential clients, Hamlet is the tool that will do you well. It follows all the latest web and tech regulations to make sure your final product stands the test of time. Regardless of the device and browsing platform they use, Hamlet makes sure your real estate page works all the time seamlessly.

The template comes with a beautiful and innovative full-width slider, advanced property search function, animated statistics and loads content while scrolling. A working contact and newsletter subscription form, Google Maps, blog and attractive single property pages are also in the Hamlet kit. If you would like to express your professionalism and showcase your outstanding properties, Hamlet is the right pick for you.

The color palette of this template is composed by 41 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Santa Fe #b46c4c rgb(180,108,76)
Leather #966757 rgb(150,103,87)
Potters Clay #90593c rgb(144,89,60)
Fiord #3f5467 rgb(63,84,103)
Old Rose #c89583 rgb(200,149,131)
Governor Bay #2c34b0 rgb(44,52,176)
Fedora #6c646c rgb(108,100,108)
Irish Coffee #5c3c24 rgb(92,60,36)
Shadow #8c6c4c rgb(140,108,76)
Bone #e4d4c4 rgb(228,212,196)
Tussock #c79856 rgb(199,152,86)
Kabul #5a4e44 rgb(90,78,68)
Karaka #23170a rgb(35,23,10)
Tapa #747370 rgb(116,115,112)
Cherub #f9dbdf rgb(249,219,223)
Dove Gray #646464 rgb(100,100,100)
Dove Gray #6c6c6c rgb(108,108,108)
Cinderella #fcdcdc rgb(252,220,220)
Spice #6d4430 rgb(109,68,48)
Shuttle Gray #585e6a rgb(88,94,106)
Sambuca #402911 rgb(64,41,17)
Mine Shaft #323232 rgb(50,50,50)
Cameo #dbb59a rgb(219,181,154)
Old Copper #7c5434 rgb(124,84,52)
Sirocco #747c7c rgb(116,124,124)
Paco #3c1c0e rgb(60,28,14)
Tuna #3c3c44 rgb(60,60,68)
Eunry #d4ac9c rgb(212,172,156)
Cloudy #aca49c rgb(172,164,156)
Outer Space #2c3434 rgb(44,52,52)
Cinderella #fcdedc rgb(252,222,220)
Limed Oak #b2835d rgb(178,131,93)
Coral Reef #c4ad9f rgb(196,173,159)
Cape Palliser #9e6b3f rgb(158,107,63)
Zeus #1a1412 rgb(26,20,18)
Cinderella #fce4e3 rgb(252,228,227)
Driftwood #b68d48 rgb(182,141,72)
Boulder #787575 rgb(120,117,117)
Mikado #2d2312 rgb(45,35,18)
Night Rider #0a0506 rgb(10,5,6)
Cinderella #fbdddd rgb(251,221,221)

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