MyHome: a Free Bootstrap Real Estate Website Template MyHome: a Free Bootstrap Real Estate Website Template MyHome: a Free Bootstrap Real Estate Website Template MyHome: a Free Bootstrap Real Estate Website Template

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As you guessed it from the name itself, MyHome is a free Bootstrap real estate website template. It is a modern and mobile-ready web design that you can use as is or improve it according to your branding needs. MyHome is a free tool that is easy to use, yet rich with features and professional look. The options you have are many so make sure you utilize MyHome to its full potential and bring your real estate agency to new success levels.

Establish a sophisticated website and help people find their dream homes and apartments easier than ever. MyHome rocks a full-width slider, advanced property search function, sticky navigation, Google Maps, clients testimonials and a working contact form. Get things rolling online with MyHome and enhance your visibility.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Fire Bush #e09236 rgb(224,146,54)
Manatee #8e89a5 rgb(142,137,165)
Rhino #2b305b rgb(43,48,91)
Salt Box #64576d rgb(100,87,109)
Wild Willow #adc868 rgb(173,200,104)
Malibu #55bafc rgb(85,186,252)
Granny Smith #8c9997 rgb(140,153,151)
Azure #3864ac rgb(56,100,172)
Armadillo #46443c rgb(70,68,60)
Wild Willow #aac565 rgb(170,197,101)
Olive Green #a3b059 rgb(163,176,89)
Oslo Gray #8d9496 rgb(141,148,150)
Crete #676426 rgb(103,100,38)
Dune #2e2d27 rgb(46,45,39)
Malibu #56b9fb rgb(86,185,251)
Ming #345c7c rgb(52,92,124)
Victoria #543c7c rgb(84,60,124)
San Juan #2c5474 rgb(44,84,116)
Hemlock #5c5840 rgb(92,88,64)
Celery #acca64 rgb(172,202,100)
San Juan #335b7b rgb(51,91,123)
Finch #5c5d48 rgb(92,93,72)
Pesto #756932 rgb(117,105,50)
Shuttle Gray #595f62 rgb(89,95,98)
Celery #accc64 rgb(172,204,100)
Mountain Mist #9a95a0 rgb(154,149,160)
San Juan #33576c rgb(51,87,108)
Ebony Clay #232539 rgb(35,37,57)
Careys Pink #d8a8aa rgb(216,168,170)
Rose #fa046c rgb(250,4,108)
East Bay #544278 rgb(84,66,120)
Haiti #1c1434 rgb(28,20,52)
Dorado #6e5d59 rgb(110,93,89)
Catskill White #f0f3f8 rgb(240,243,248)
Wild Willow #abbe68 rgb(171,190,104)
Opium #886666 rgb(136,102,102)
Copper Canyon #7b3b14 rgb(123,59,20)
Bastille #201a29 rgb(32,26,41)
Regent St Blue #a3c2e0 rgb(163,194,224)
Razzmatazz #e8176b rgb(232,23,107)
Santas Gray #a2a1af rgb(162,161,175)
Ebony #130c1c rgb(19,12,28)
Mulled Wine #584979 rgb(88,73,121)
Catskill White #eef2f7 rgb(238,242,247)

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