Homespace: a Free Real Estate Listing Website Template Homespace: a Free Real Estate Listing Website Template Homespace: a Free Real Estate Listing Website Template Homespace: a Free Real Estate Listing Website Template

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Create a fully functional web space with Homespace, a free real estate listing website template. If you are a real estate agency or a realtor, make a compelling and persuasive website that will drive your business forward. With Homespace, you can achieve a lot and take your firm to a whole new degree. No need to build an entire page from the ground up when you have access to Homespace and all its amazingness free of charge.

Homespace is based on Bootstrap Framework and ensures full flexibility and mobile-readiness. The layout is also retina-friendly, cross-browser compatible, as well as optimized for search engines and outstanding performance. From parallax effect and advanced real estate search feature to striking properties pages and a working contact form, Homespace has it all and then some.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Havelock Blue #4a90de rgb(74,144,222)
Shuttle Gray #505b6c rgb(80,91,108)
Biscay #1c315f rgb(28,49,95)
Dingley #777f43 rgb(119,127,67)
Jordy Blue #87c2f3 rgb(135,194,243)
Viking #6bb7d4 rgb(107,183,212)
Glade Green #647c60 rgb(100,124,96)
Spicy Mix #8e6444 rgb(142,100,68)
Nevada #5d656a rgb(93,101,106)
Morning Glory #93c1db rgb(147,193,219)
Fuel Yellow #ed9d28 rgb(237,157,40)
Willow Grove #687a62 rgb(104,122,98)
Rusty Nail #7a4c0a rgb(122,76,10)
Rangoon Green #1a1a13 rgb(26,26,19)
Downy #6cb9d3 rgb(108,185,211)
Viking #69b9d4 rgb(105,185,212)
Oslo Gray #939b9c rgb(147,155,156)
Astral #2e74a9 rgb(46,116,169)
Willow Grove #657662 rgb(101,118,98)
Morning Glory #98ccdd rgb(152,204,221)
Astral #367eb0 rgb(54,126,176)
Barley Corn #989559 rgb(152,149,89)
Iroko #453021 rgb(69,48,33)
Nevada #606c73 rgb(96,108,115)
Akaroa #d3c2a1 rgb(211,194,161)
New York Pink #d48c7c rgb(212,140,124)
Boulder #7c7c7c rgb(124,124,124)
Metallic Copper #632c20 rgb(99,44,32)
Shark #191b1e rgb(25,27,30)
Pigeon Post #b4ccdc rgb(180,204,220)
Tree Poppy #fa9c14 rgb(250,156,20)
Gunsmoke #848c8c rgb(132,140,140)
Cinnamon #814d02 rgb(129,77,2)
Dove Gray #707070 rgb(112,112,112)
Sandwisp #f7e1a5 rgb(247,225,165)
Cumin #8c401d rgb(140,64,29)
Rodeo Dust #c7a89e rgb(199,168,158)
Hairy Heath #6d3216 rgb(109,50,22)
Baltic Sea #1b1a1f rgb(27,26,31)
Di Serria #df994c rgb(223,153,76)
Jumbo #757576 rgb(117,117,118)
Bronze Olive #4b330c rgb(75,51,12)
Corduroy #5a5b5b rgb(90,91,91)
Citrine White #faf6d4 rgb(250,246,212)

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