Opening: A Website Under Construction Template Opening: A Website Under Construction Template

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This under construction landing page design is suitable for business websites that are under construction and it comes with innovative features to let the visitors know that the website is under construction. Opening template comes with a digital timer that lets the visitors know for how long they need to wait to resume accessing the website. The template design also comes with a contact form and other elements which are quite helpful for the visitors. The template design is based on HTML5 technology and it uses the latest practices of CSS3.

Opening is the under construction template that is cross browser compatible and hence you can download and use it anywhere, regardless of the device. It is retina ready and compatible with all major platforms including mobile devices. It is highly responsive too which make it compatible on all devices

The color palette of this template is composed by 22 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Muddy Waters #b5895d rgb(181,137,93)
Abbey #535f61 rgb(83,95,97)
Persian Green #04a4a4 rgb(4,164,164)
Soya Bean #5e5445 rgb(94,84,69)
Downy #68d2ce rgb(104,210,206)
Seagull #7cc4e4 rgb(124,196,228)
Chathams Blue #16536d rgb(22,83,109)
Link Water #d4ecf4 rgb(212,236,244)
Viking #68badc rgb(104,186,220)
Boulder #747474 rgb(116,116,116)
Blumine #18536b rgb(24,83,107)
Mine Shaft #252525 rgb(37,37,37)
Blizzard Blue #a4d4ec rgb(164,212,236)
Shakespeare #51b2db rgb(81,178,219)
Gull Gray #a1b0ba rgb(161,176,186)
Kashmir Blue #466597 rgb(70,101,151)
Mine Shaft #242424 rgb(36,36,36)
Di Serria #dca454 rgb(220,164,84)
Shakespeare #54b4dc rgb(84,180,220)
Scorpion #6a6264 rgb(106,98,100)
Chathams Blue #16546e rgb(22,84,110)
Tacao #efbf8c rgb(239,191,140)

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