Homeland: your go-to free Realtor Website Template Homeland: your go-to free Realtor Website Template Homeland: your go-to free Realtor Website Template Homeland: your go-to free Realtor Website Template

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Homeland is your go-to free realtor website template whether you are a real estate agent or agency. With a cutting-edge, advanced and premium-like website, you can score new business deals on a regular. Although Homeland costs you nothing, the end product will be of the highest degree, making sure your potential buyers get the most out of your listings.

Based on Bootstrap Framework, Homeland guarantees smooth and seamless experience on all devices and browsers. Moreover, the site skin has a horde of features that will get you moving forward strong and enter the industry with a bang. From a dedicated index page to all the necessary internal sections, elements and assets, Homeland has all the must-haves and then some. All the features are wrapped into an appealing web design that will take everyone’s breath away.

The color palette of this template is composed by 41 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
San Juan #32506e rgb(50,80,110)
Abbey #565757 rgb(86,87,87)
Lima #7cba20 rgb(124,186,32)
Fuscous Gray #4e4e45 rgb(78,78,69)
Jonquil #e4fca4 rgb(228,252,164)
Sepia Skin #a3523d rgb(163,82,61)
Fuscous Gray #5b564a rgb(91,86,74)
Astral #3474ac rgb(52,116,172)
Racing Green #111815 rgb(17,24,21)
Viking #64c4dc rgb(100,196,220)
Sepia Skin #a35946 rgb(163,89,70)
Asparagus #929955 rgb(146,153,85)
Azure #3664a8 rgb(54,100,168)
Log Cabin #22231a rgb(34,35,26)
Downy #69bbca rgb(105,187,202)
Chambray #344484 rgb(52,68,132)
Hurricane #847c7c rgb(132,124,124)
Lima #7cbc24 rgb(124,188,36)
Woodsmoke #0e0e11 rgb(14,14,17)
Botticelli #c4dce4 rgb(196,220,228)
Sushi #81b033 rgb(129,176,51)
Manatee #939397 rgb(147,147,151)
Bay of Many #233c7a rgb(35,60,122)
Shuttle Gray #676a71 rgb(103,106,113)
Ship Cove #6a8ac1 rgb(106,138,193)
San Juan #34546c rgb(52,84,108)
Scarpa Flow #5c5464 rgb(92,84,100)
Camelot #8c344c rgb(140,52,76)
Nandor #545c54 rgb(84,92,84)
Bone #e4d2c4 rgb(228,210,196)
Dusty Gray #9c9c9c rgb(156,156,156)
Chicago #5c5c59 rgb(92,92,89)
Buccaneer #6f323c rgb(111,50,60)
Edward #98a3a5 rgb(152,163,165)
Sepia Skin #945e40 rgb(148,94,64)
William #3b5a6c rgb(59,90,108)
Rose Fog #e7c7b7 rgb(231,199,183)
Punch #de3f36 rgb(222,63,54)
Chicago #5c5c5b rgb(92,92,91)
Nutmeg #7c322c rgb(124,50,44)
Nevada #626e73 rgb(98,110,115)

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