Royalestate: a Modern and Free Real Estate Agency Website Template Royalestate: a Modern and Free Real Estate Agency Website Template Royalestate: a Modern and Free Real Estate Agency Website Template Royalestate: a Modern and Free Real Estate Agency Website Template

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Royalestate is a modern, mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible free real estate agency website template. If you are starting on your own or you would just like to refresh your current web design, get your hands on Royalestate now and see the difference. Pushing and promoting homes, houses, apartments and other estate is easy with Royalestate. Once you have your online appearance fully sorted out, professional and advanced, you increase your potential to the level of 11.

With the countless features and assets, Royalestate gives you access to, you are assured to deliver a cracking experience for all your users. From attention-grabbing slider and advanced properties search to on scroll content load, animated statistics and testimonials, it is all there, at the tip of your fingers. Download Royalestate immediately and put it to action!

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Curious Blue #2aa3ca rgb(42,163,202)
Tobacco Brown #6d5a47 rgb(109,90,71)
Punga #4a4316 rgb(74,67,22)
Old Lavender #6d5d6a rgb(109,93,106)
Sorrell Brown #c9b48c rgb(201,180,140)
Denim #0c67c1 rgb(12,103,193)
Oslo Gray #8c8e92 rgb(140,142,146)
Old Copper #74442c rgb(116,68,44)
Log Cabin #191d16 rgb(25,29,22)
Cornflower #80b1e0 rgb(128,177,224)
Picton Blue #30b8e4 rgb(48,184,228)
Clay Creek #858a58 rgb(133,138,88)
Denim #0c5ec1 rgb(12,94,193)
Coffee #6d6458 rgb(109,100,88)
Tan Hide #f89158 rgb(248,145,88)
Muddy Waters #bc9966 rgb(188,153,102)
Dawn #a19f9b rgb(161,159,155)
Cape Palliser #9c6848 rgb(156,104,72)
Rangoon Green #1a1e14 rgb(26,30,20)
Picton Blue #33bce7 rgb(51,188,231)
Twine #c3905c rgb(195,144,92)
Star Dust #a0a09d rgb(160,160,157)
Matisse #2366ae rgb(35,102,174)
Rangoon Green #191914 rgb(25,25,20)
Akaroa #d7c5a8 rgb(215,197,168)
Picton Blue #24bcec rgb(36,188,236)
Nepal #959fbc rgb(149,159,188)
Atoll #0a5f7a rgb(10,95,122)
Shark #222325 rgb(34,35,37)
Sandy brown #f09464 rgb(240,148,100)
Shakespeare #4cb4cc rgb(76,180,204)
Delta #a5a6a4 rgb(165,166,164)
Cello #1d5967 rgb(29,89,103)
Tundora #444444 rgb(68,68,68)
Tan Hide #fc8c5c rgb(252,140,92)
Mojo #c95936 rgb(201,89,54)
Silk #bdaba6 rgb(189,171,166)
Pueblo #7e2013 rgb(126,32,19)
Shark #22292c rgb(34,41,44)
Burnt Sienna #ec905b rgb(236,144,91)
Picton Blue #24bbec rgb(36,187,236)
Sirocco #6f7875 rgb(111,120,117)
Tiber #0b3140 rgb(11,49,64)
Outer Space #242c2c rgb(36,44,44)
Tan Hide #fb8f54 rgb(251,143,84)

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