Holmes: a Simple and Clean Real Estate HTML5 Website Template Holmes: a Simple and Clean Real Estate HTML5 Website Template Holmes: a Simple and Clean Real Estate HTML5 Website Template Holmes: a Simple and Clean Real Estate HTML5 Website Template

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Modern, simple, clean, refined and easy to use free real estate HTML5 website template, Holmes, is ready for you to boost your agency above and beyond. Pushing houses, apartments and other properties just became a lot simple thanks to the impressive Holmes template. It gives you the needed web design to appear on the web like a professional with as little time and effort invested as possible.

Get potential clients familiar with your listings and seal more business deals with less work. Holmes creates a fantastic experience and delivers a reputable channel for growing your company to entirely new levels. Create enticing properties pages, spark their interest with your sophistication and get your name out there. Even introduce a real estate blog and use it for content marketing. It’s possible if you see it.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Mandy #e76263 rgb(231,98,99)
Gray Chateau #a3a8b7 rgb(163,168,183)
Black Marlin #3f341c rgb(63,52,28)
Woody Brown #402e2d rgb(64,46,45)
Japonica #d88066 rgb(216,128,102)
Burnt Sienna #ea6c5d rgb(234,108,93)
Oslo Gray #80848c rgb(128,132,140)
Dark Tan #751a0f rgb(117,26,15)
Shark #1d2022 rgb(29,32,34)
Japonica #dc7464 rgb(220,116,100)
Terracotta #e66c60 rgb(230,108,96)
River Bed #424b5a rgb(66,75,90)
Kumera #836421 rgb(131,100,33)
Tuatara #1e1e1c rgb(30,30,28)
Can Can #d69c9c rgb(214,156,156)
Twine #c28556 rgb(194,133,86)
Russett #7e635a rgb(126,99,90)
Vesuvius #a4440c rgb(164,68,12)
Cocoa Brown #1f1518 rgb(31,21,24)
Porsche #e89c64 rgb(232,156,100)
Fountain Blue #61a5c5 rgb(97,165,197)
Venus #9c959c rgb(156,149,156)
Rope #94521a rgb(148,82,26)
Beaver #8b6653 rgb(139,102,83)
Brandy #e2c5a0 rgb(226,197,160)
Silver Chalice #acacac rgb(172,172,172)
Tundora #403839 rgb(64,56,57)
Link Water #f4f5fc rgb(244,245,252)
Burnt Sienna #ec745e rgb(236,116,94)
Mid Gray #5c5c64 rgb(92,92,100)
Governor Bay #5034ac rgb(80,52,172)
Mine Shaft #242424 rgb(36,36,36)
Turmeric #d0c054 rgb(208,192,84)
Terracotta #e3695c rgb(227,105,92)
Sandal #b0846d rgb(176,132,109)
Burnt Umber #7c3024 rgb(124,48,36)
Shark #222225 rgb(34,34,37)
Akaroa #dbc5ae rgb(219,197,174)
Contessa #c26a5b rgb(194,106,91)
Dove Gray #746c6a rgb(116,108,106)
Tawny Port #69242e rgb(105,36,46)
Tundora #4a4345 rgb(74,67,69)
Tussock #cba057 rgb(203,160,87)

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