Leramiz: a Modern, Clean and Sophisticated Free Real Estate Listing Website Template Leramiz: a Modern, Clean and Sophisticated Free Real Estate Listing Website Template Leramiz: a Modern, Clean and Sophisticated Free Real Estate Listing Website Template Leramiz: a Modern, Clean and Sophisticated Free Real Estate Listing Website Template

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Leramiz is a modern, clean and sophisticated free real estate listing website template, optimized for speed and search engines. Your end products will beautifully display all the properties you offer your potential clients and help you skyrocket your business. Get people to find their ideal place quickly and efficiently by accessing your page that you are about to bring to reality using Leramiz.

Responsive, flexible and highly adaptive web design offers you to start something fresh swiftly. No need to do things from the ground up anymore. With Leramiz at your fingertips, your real estate project will see the light sooner rather than later. Enjoy its fantastic assortment of features and assets and get the word out. From front to inner pages, contact section, blog and newsletter subscription widget, all these and loads more you will discover in the Leramiz bundle.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Shamrock #34cb9c rgb(52,203,156)
Raven #737987 rgb(115,121,135)
Ebony #090d19 rgb(9,13,25)
Shuttle Gray #686a76 rgb(104,106,118)
Half Baked #80c8c0 rgb(128,200,192)
Polo Blue #7eacd0 rgb(126,172,208)
Corduroy #566b64 rgb(86,107,100)
Calypso #3c6c92 rgb(60,108,146)
Bastille #151218 rgb(21,18,24)
Regent St Blue #93c1e1 rgb(147,193,225)
Cinnabar #e3494b rgb(227,73,75)
Tapa #77736d rgb(119,115,109)
Deep Sea Green #0b4769 rgb(11,71,105)
Shark #1d2226 rgb(29,34,38)
Regent St Blue #a0cce0 rgb(160,204,224)
Shamrock #35c99c rgb(53,201,156)
Jumbo #818184 rgb(129,129,132)
Denim #165cbc rgb(22,92,188)
Ebony Clay #222a35 rgb(34,42,53)
Half Baked #86b3d5 rgb(134,179,213)
Fun Blue #1a58b5 rgb(26,88,181)
Jumbo #828285 rgb(130,130,133)
Chambray #2e4d80 rgb(46,77,128)
Fuscous Gray #4d4a48 rgb(77,74,72)
Cinnabar #e3464a rgb(227,70,74)
Shamrock #31cc9c rgb(49,204,156)
Rock Blue #97b2ca rgb(151,178,202)
Crete #6c7028 rgb(108,112,40)
Shark #1b2122 rgb(27,33,34)
Picton Blue #53b0e3 rgb(83,176,227)
Shamrock #33cc9c rgb(51,204,156)
Zorba #a0988b rgb(160,152,139)
Astral #38709c rgb(56,112,156)
Corduroy #5d6b60 rgb(93,107,96)
Muddy Waters #bc946c rgb(188,148,108)
Shamrock #34c99e rgb(52,201,158)
Gull Gray #92a2ab rgb(146,162,171)
Rhino #2c3267 rgb(44,50,103)
River Bed #4e5d6b rgb(78,93,107)
Havelock Blue #61acde rgb(97,172,222)
Natural Gray #938e89 rgb(147,142,137)
Calypso #3b779b rgb(59,119,155)
Corduroy #5c6f68 rgb(92,111,104)
Tradewind #6bbfae rgb(107,191,174)

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