Bluesky: a Free Modern Real Estate Website Template Bluesky: a Free Modern Real Estate Website Template Bluesky: a Free Modern Real Estate Website Template Bluesky: a Free Modern Real Estate Website Template

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Bluesky is a free modern real estate website template that follows all the latest web and tech regulations. Speaking of which, Bluesky makes sure your final web space is stable and flexible to always work butter smooth across all devices and platforms. With its new-age design, the tool boosts chances of hooking them and making them hungry for more of your amazing properties. For a strong first impression, Bluesky sports a full banner with an advanced search option which they can use to find the desired apartment or house quickly.

Moreover, Bluesky comes with a sticky navigation, stunning about page and a contact section with an active form and Google Maps. There is also a newsletter subscription form, as well as blog for content marketing. If real estate is what you are the king of, skyrocket your business with Bluesky.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Downy #56cec0 rgb(86,206,192)
Tapa #7d746f rgb(125,116,111)
Astral #347ab1 rgb(52,122,177)
Oil #2c2917 rgb(44,41,23)
Shamrock #3cde9d rgb(60,222,157)
Eastern Blue #26a0bb rgb(38,160,187)
Gray Olive #a99f8b rgb(169,159,139)
Eternity #1a1a0a rgb(26,26,10)
Hemlock #676440 rgb(103,100,64)
Danube #5f87d4 rgb(95,135,212)
Puerto Rico #38c5be rgb(56,197,190)
Sycamore #928447 rgb(146,132,71)
Curious Blue #1f84c1 rgb(31,132,193)
Hemlock #5d5538 rgb(93,85,56)
Danube #5c84d3 rgb(92,132,211)
Mariner #2e78ba rgb(46,120,186)
Thatch #b49a91 rgb(180,154,145)
Calypso #276782 rgb(39,103,130)
Outer Space #2d3030 rgb(45,48,48)
Danube #638bd3 rgb(99,139,211)
Danube #658ed0 rgb(101,142,208)
Russett #745e59 rgb(116,94,89)
Ming #3a7389 rgb(58,115,137)
Outer Space #1e292c rgb(30,41,44)
Morning Glory #8fc9dd rgb(143,201,221)
Danube #7495d3 rgb(116,149,211)
Leather #9c7c5c rgb(156,124,92)
Woodrush #24240c rgb(36,36,12)
Cape Cod #383b3a rgb(56,59,58)
Danube #648ccc rgb(100,140,204)
Rolling Stone #7b8084 rgb(123,128,132)
Chambray #34568a rgb(52,86,138)
Black Olive #202311 rgb(32,35,17)
Chetwode Blue #7da0d8 rgb(125,160,216)
Danube #5982d1 rgb(89,130,209)
Suva Gray #848384 rgb(132,131,132)
Gordons Green #090b05 rgb(9,11,5)
Cape Cod #3c3d3d rgb(60,61,61)
Aqua Island #9cccd8 rgb(156,204,216)
Danube #5c83d3 rgb(92,131,211)
Bali Hai #8898b0 rgb(136,152,176)
Gordons Green #141608 rgb(20,22,8)
Outer Space #393e42 rgb(57,62,66)
Turquoise #47d3b6 rgb(71,211,182)

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