Sel: a Free HTML Real Estate Website Template Sel: a Free HTML Real Estate Website Template Sel: a Free HTML Real Estate Website Template Sel: a Free HTML Real Estate Website Template

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Help people find their dream homes with Sel free HTML real estate website template. If you are in one of the biggest industries in the world, you clearly need to check out Sel. It is a professional, neat and modern site skin with solid features to sort out your web space as an expert.

Above the fold, Sel sports a neat banner, call-to-action button and advanced properties search feature. Visitors can use it right off the bat without the need to do any page browsing in advance. However, make sure to use Sel also to express yourself and give them a better idea why you are the best in the field.

From the initial idea to final real estate website, the establishment process requires barely any time if you decide to go with Sel.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Red Ribbon #f41c4c rgb(244,28,76)
Stack #8c8d8b rgb(140,141,139)
Monarch #7e0620 rgb(126,6,32)
Fuscous Gray #454643 rgb(69,70,67)
Carissma #ea809a rgb(234,128,154)
Aquamarine Blue #6acce0 rgb(106,204,224)
Tapa #847c74 rgb(132,124,116)
Blumine #165f6d rgb(22,95,109)
Corduroy #646c6c rgb(100,108,108)
Ziggurat #bbdadf rgb(187,218,223)
Amaranth #f0204d rgb(240,32,77)
Gray #7f7f7f rgb(127,127,127)
Cloud Burst #21304a rgb(33,48,74)
Chicago #5f5954 rgb(95,89,84)
Morning Glory #8acddc rgb(138,205,220)
Astral #356da8 rgb(53,109,168)
Barley Corn #9c8c64 rgb(156,140,100)
Firefly #0e1e26 rgb(14,30,38)
Bismark #446484 rgb(68,100,132)
Amaranth #f22a56 rgb(242,42,86)
Steel Blue #4680bb rgb(70,128,187)
Bandicoot #858372 rgb(133,131,114)
Chathams Blue #194b83 rgb(25,75,131)
Cutty Sark #4c7372 rgb(76,115,114)
Cornflower #8fbbe4 rgb(143,187,228)
Sushi #90c448 rgb(144,196,72)
Gray #8c8c8c rgb(140,140,140)
Asphalt #0c0406 rgb(12,4,6)
Ship Gray #3c3c3d rgb(60,60,61)
Tonys Pink #e4ac94 rgb(228,172,148)
Muddy Waters #b49154 rgb(180,145,84)
Lemon Ginger #acb42c rgb(172,180,44)
Zambezi #655052 rgb(101,80,82)
Cameo #d4b098 rgb(212,176,152)
Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown #c0515b rgb(192,81,91)
Empress #757072 rgb(117,112,114)
Tundora #474346 rgb(71,67,70)
Cashmere #e9bda0 rgb(233,189,160)
Amaranth #e02b4e rgb(224,43,78)
Boulder #7a7574 rgb(122,117,116)
Tawny Port #6b242d rgb(107,36,45)
Matterhorn #4a3c41 rgb(74,60,65)
Sorrell Brown #cab08b rgb(202,176,139)

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