South: the Ultimate Free HTML Real Estate Website Template South: the Ultimate Free HTML Real Estate Website Template South: the Ultimate Free HTML Real Estate Website Template South: the Ultimate Free HTML Real Estate Website Template

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South is the ultimate free HTML real estate website template which you need to promote and sell your properties. Whether you are an agent or an agency, South is an excellent opportunity for you to reach even more clients and see the success you always dreamt about. South might be a tool that costs you nothing but the assets and characteristics it sports beat some of the premium items’ available on the market.

From a luxurious slider and advanced home search to on scroll content load and several inner pages, South is a serious deal. Give it a look by heading over to the live preview page and be impressed by the professionalism it rocks. Download the website canvas now and take care of your online presence once and for all.

The color palette of this template is composed by 41 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Muddy Waters #b38d5b rgb(179,141,91)
Nepal #94acc3 rgb(148,172,195)
Mirage #141c2a rgb(20,28,42)
Chicago #5d5856 rgb(93,88,86)
Bone #e4d8c4 rgb(228,216,196)
Downy #78bcd6 rgb(120,188,214)
Crocodile #786e58 rgb(120,110,88)
Blue Dianne #26465c rgb(38,70,92)
Judge Gray #553f36 rgb(85,63,54)
Shakespeare #60b4d0 rgb(96,180,208)
Shakespeare #5cb4d2 rgb(92,180,210)
Gull Gray #94b2b7 rgb(148,178,183)
Blue Dianne #233d53 rgb(35,61,83)
Nandor #4d6052 rgb(77,96,82)
Regent St Blue #a6d2e4 rgb(166,210,228)
Curious Blue #2386db rgb(35,134,219)
Dusty Gray #959494 rgb(149,148,148)
Black Pearl #05131f rgb(5,19,31)
Soya Bean #615a53 rgb(97,90,83)
Boston Blue #3881c6 rgb(56,129,198)
Leather #937556 rgb(147,117,86)
Firefly #0d1e2e rgb(13,30,46)
Mine Shaft #393939 rgb(57,57,57)
Double Spanish White #e8d5bb rgb(232,213,187)
De York #88cc8c rgb(136,204,140)
Beaver #94745c rgb(148,116,92)
Asphalt #0c0404 rgb(12,4,4)
Tundora #444444 rgb(68,68,68)
Pelorous #40b8bc rgb(64,184,188)
Boulder #7c7c7c rgb(124,124,124)
Rhino #263451 rgb(38,52,81)
Mid Gray #636469 rgb(99,100,105)
Stark White #e4d4bc rgb(228,212,188)
Tacha #d5c464 rgb(213,196,100)
Storm Dust #696965 rgb(105,105,101)
Tuatara #30302e rgb(48,48,46)
Whiskey #d4a474 rgb(212,164,116)
Cream Can #f4c959 rgb(244,201,89)
Shuttle Gray #5a5e66 rgb(90,94,102)
Ebony #04040c rgb(4,4,12)
Oxford Blue #39495c rgb(57,73,92)

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