Theestate: a Free Responsive Real Estate Website Template Theestate: a Free Responsive Real Estate Website Template Theestate: a Free Responsive Real Estate Website Template Theestate: a Free Responsive Real Estate Website Template Theestate: a Free Responsive Real Estate Website Template

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Enjoy Theestate free responsive real estate website template and boost your business above and beyond. In the modern era we are living, building, managing and maintaining a site is far from being intimidating. With the help of Theestate template, your real estate company will shine online. It has all the features to display properties in a beautiful way for a greater chance of finding the owner quicker.

Theestate has an advanced home search option, big slider to push special offers and testimonials to let clients promote your company. Parallax effect, sticky menu, the operating process and, as well, news/blog section, Theestate makes sure you are fully equipped with the necessities to reach the goals in half of the time.

The color palette of this template is composed by 52 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Coral #f87b4f rgb(248,123,79)
Sandstone #7c6c5e rgb(124,108,94)
Blue Zodiac #0c1c44 rgb(12,28,68)
Kabul #564b41 rgb(86,75,65)
Manhattan #f4b49d rgb(244,180,157)
Tan #d09e8a rgb(208,158,138)
Gray Asparagus #525e4c rgb(82,94,76)
Blue Zodiac #0d1c44 rgb(13,28,68)
Lunar Green #42453e rgb(66,69,62)
Coral #fa8158 rgb(250,129,88)
Jaffa #f47d53 rgb(244,125,83)
Au Chico #905a55 rgb(144,90,85)
Blue Zodiac #0d1c42 rgb(13,28,66)
Finlandia #586456 rgb(88,100,86)
Fantasy #fcf7f5 rgb(252,247,245)
Santa Fe #ac644c rgb(172,100,76)
River Bed #454e62 rgb(69,78,98)
Tuna #3c3c4a rgb(60,60,74)
Burnt Sienna #e9744e rgb(233,116,78)
Coral #fa7a4d rgb(250,122,77)
Pale Sky #666d7d rgb(102,109,125)
Ebony Clay #232c35 rgb(35,44,53)
Japonica #d47e6b rgb(212,126,107)
Burnt Sienna #e6714c rgb(230,113,76)
Slate Gray #6c7c8c rgb(108,124,140)
Bunting #141f44 rgb(20,31,68)
Gun Powder #48475f rgb(72,71,95)
Sandy brown #f49c7c rgb(244,156,124)
Wedgewood #5574af rgb(85,116,175)
Jumbo #7c7c85 rgb(124,124,133)
Blackcurrant #3a3146 rgb(58,49,70)
Carnation #f67350 rgb(246,115,80)
Jaffa #f3815a rgb(243,129,90)
Regent Gray #87909a rgb(135,144,154)
Eastern Blue #1e7cb9 rgb(30,124,185)
Pablo #776c5c rgb(119,108,92)
Viking #75afde rgb(117,175,222)
Terracotta #e26d4c rgb(226,109,76)
Don Juan #564751 rgb(86,71,81)
Cloud Burst #1c2c4c rgb(28,44,76)
Copper Rust #8c4c4c rgb(140,76,76)
Salmon #fc8860 rgb(252,136,96)
Coral #f77c51 rgb(247,124,81)
Oslo Gray #878b91 rgb(135,139,145)
Curious Blue #207ebf rgb(32,126,191)
Roman Coffee #785b4d rgb(120,91,77)
Seagull #7cb8e6 rgb(124,184,230)
Tradewind #4badab rgb(75,173,171)
Blue Bayoux #515f7f rgb(81,95,127)
Cloud Burst #1c2c4d rgb(28,44,77)
Gray Asparagus #446049 rgb(68,96,73)
Jaffa #f57c53 rgb(245,124,83)

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