Real Estate: a Real Estate Free Website Template. Real Estate: a Real Estate Free Website Template. Real Estate: a Real Estate Free Website Template. Real Estate: a Real Estate Free Website Template.

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Take things into your hands and boost your professionalism and expertness with Real Estate free website template. When selling and pushing properties, it is vital that your web presence is of the highest standards. Either you are an agent or an agency, Real Estate answers all of your questions and provides an advanced site solution. It is modern and equipped with the latest technologies for excellent flexibility.

Upon the site load (see live preview), visitors can take to their advantage a convenient properties search tool. They can find precisely what they are looking for quickly and effortlessly. Real Estate also has a functional contact form and integrated Google Maps. Furthermore, footer section is stacked with subscription and Instagram feed widgets and navigation a sticky one. Start a fresh project or redesign the current one swiftly with Real Estate free website template.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Brandy Punch #dc9034 rgb(220,144,52)
Pine Cone #6c594f rgb(108,89,79)
Sambuca #3a2811 rgb(58,40,17)
Pale Sky #6d7078 rgb(109,112,120)
Eunry #d39f96 rgb(211,159,150)
Cerise Red #d4295c rgb(212,41,92)
Sirocco #707475 rgb(112,116,117)
Claret #6f1530 rgb(111,21,48)
Tundora #4b4b4b rgb(75,75,75)
Mandy #e25752 rgb(226,87,82)
Saffron #f1c532 rgb(241,197,50)
Jumbo #828084 rgb(130,128,132)
Firefly #112b34 rgb(17,43,52)
Sandstone #7c7065 rgb(124,112,101)
Mandy #e15053 rgb(225,80,83)
Java #23bac8 rgb(35,186,200)
Kabul #655248 rgb(101,82,72)
Jelly Bean #258b95 rgb(37,139,149)
Heavy Metal #363835 rgb(54,56,53)
Calico #e2bc8d rgb(226,188,141)
Java #13b4c5 rgb(19,180,197)
Domino #88765d rgb(136,118,93)
Curious Blue #1897ca rgb(24,151,202)
Heavy Metal #232624 rgb(35,38,36)
Cameo #d7bb9a rgb(215,187,154)
Teak #b38e60 rgb(179,142,96)
Santas Gray #a0a1ab rgb(160,161,171)
Paarl #9c642e rgb(156,100,46)
Roman Coffee #795649 rgb(121,86,73)
Turmeric #ccbc54 rgb(204,188,84)
Contessa #cc726d rgb(204,114,109)
Storm Dust #63645f rgb(99,100,95)
San Juan #375c73 rgb(55,92,115)
Fiord #3d4f68 rgb(61,79,104)
Di Serria #d69e52 rgb(214,158,82)
Tussock #ce9e53 rgb(206,158,83)
Waterloo #7e859a rgb(126,133,154)
Rope #905a1d rgb(144,90,29)
Dove Gray #636363 rgb(99,99,99)
Pavlova #d8c2a3 rgb(216,194,163)
Roman #d75053 rgb(215,80,83)
William #3a5d73 rgb(58,93,115)
Calypso #2c5c79 rgb(44,92,121)
Storm Dust #626361 rgb(98,99,97)
Anzac #dfa23e rgb(223,162,62)

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