Tourbi: a Modern and Vibrant Tour Booking Website Template Tourbi: a Modern and Vibrant Tour Booking Website Template Tourbi: a Modern and Vibrant Tour Booking Website Template Tourbi: a Modern and Vibrant Tour Booking Website Template

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Tourbi is a modern, vibrant and easy to use free tour booking website template. This page canvas is based on Bootstrap Framework for the necessary flexibility and responsiveness. In other words, your page will be entirely mobile-friendly, as well as cross-browser compatible. With the versatility and high adaptability, you can utilize Tourbi for all sorts of travel and tourism intentions. The layout works smooth as butter out of the box, however, feel free to edit and modify it, too.

Extra specialties of Tourbi are sticky navigation bar, drop-down menu, search function, newsletter subscription box, call-to-action buttons and social media icons. Additionally, you also get access to blog pages and a full-blown contact section with Google Maps and a functional contact form. If you are ready to offer even more folks your exclusive tours and other tourism packages, Tourbi is the one free website template for you.

The color palette of this template is composed by 42 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Thunderbird #da2419 rgb(218,36,25)
Cutty Sark #4c6468 rgb(76,100,104)
Rope #a05020 rgb(160,80,32)
Malibu #5cd4f7 rgb(92,212,247)
Malibu #6cd4f4 rgb(108,212,244)
Ship Cove #6884b8 rgb(104,132,184)
Bamboo #d47404 rgb(212,116,4)
Eggplant #5c344c rgb(92,52,76)
Chalky #ebd28d rgb(235,210,141)
Tumbleweed #d8b67a rgb(216,182,122)
Asparagus #6e9353 rgb(110,147,83)
Cognac #ac471e rgb(172,71,30)
Thunder #3e3139 rgb(62,49,57)
Banana Mania #fbf2b2 rgb(251,242,178)
Corn #f6c806 rgb(246,200,6)
Scorpion #5c5a5c rgb(92,90,92)
Well Read #ac2e30 rgb(172,46,48)
Tundora #433e3f rgb(67,62,63)
Sky Blue #71cfea rgb(113,207,234)
Tamarillo #a71b19 rgb(167,27,25)
Willow Grove #6b7065 rgb(107,112,101)
Persian Plum #6d1d1d rgb(109,29,29)
Mine Shaft #353232 rgb(53,50,50)
Spindle #b4d4e9 rgb(180,212,233)
Malibu #6cd5f4 rgb(108,213,244)
De York #7cc47c rgb(124,196,124)
Atoll #09617b rgb(9,97,123)
Charlotte #c3ecf9 rgb(195,236,249)
Bright Turquoise #04c4fc rgb(4,196,252)
Pewter #95a5a5 rgb(149,165,165)
Orient #016583 rgb(1,101,131)
Bright Gray #404454 rgb(64,68,84)
Malibu #62d2f4 rgb(98,210,244)
Supernova #facb07 rgb(250,203,7)
Oslo Gray #95999b rgb(149,153,155)
Bracken #502b04 rgb(80,43,4)
Malibu #63d5f2 rgb(99,213,242)
Buttercup #f5b50c rgb(245,181,12)
Oslo Gray #898b8e rgb(137,139,142)
Tabasco #a6190d rgb(166,25,13)
Baltic Sea #302c39 rgb(48,44,57)
Yuma #d0c298 rgb(208,194,152)

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