Martine: a Versatile and Easy to use Free Tours and Travels Website Template Martine: a Versatile and Easy to use Free Tours and Travels Website Template Martine: a Versatile and Easy to use Free Tours and Travels Website Template Martine: a Versatile and Easy to use Free Tours and Travels Website Template

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Martine is a versatile and easy to use free tours and travels website template based on Bootstrap Framework. If you are in the tourism space, willing to expand your reach over and beyond, you better start your online journey strong. With Martine, you can now hammer out a striking web platform which will help you push all sorts of different top travel destinations, various packages, hotels and even restaurants.

In addition to the beautiful web design, Martine also rocks responsive and mobile-friendly layout for smooth operation. The tool is also in tune with web browsers and retina screens. Additional goodies include search feature, sticky menu, testimonials, Google Maps, working contact form and social media icons. With Martine, you can also start a travel blog where you can share tips and tricks and announce exclusive deals.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Raw Sienna #d3743a rgb(211,116,58)
Glacier #7dbcc4 rgb(125,188,196)
Fern Frond #657525 rgb(101,117,37)
Nevada #666c75 rgb(102,108,117)
Link Water #eceefa rgb(236,238,250)
Azure Radiance #1189ea rgb(17,137,234)
Manatee #8e91a6 rgb(142,145,166)
Blue Dianne #245767 rgb(36,87,103)
Lunar Green #364634 rgb(54,70,52)
Cornflower #8dade4 rgb(141,173,228)
Flamingo #f75d28 rgb(247,93,40)
Horizon #5a84a2 rgb(90,132,162)
Biscay #1c3761 rgb(28,55,97)
Te Papa Green #203838 rgb(32,56,56)
Portage #85abe6 rgb(133,171,230)
Picton Blue #4c90e4 rgb(76,144,228)
Bismark #497082 rgb(73,112,130)
East Bay #3c5c84 rgb(60,92,132)
Crocodile #726f5a rgb(114,111,90)
Cornflower Blue #69a3e7 rgb(105,163,231)
Flamingo #f85d27 rgb(248,93,39)
Stonewall #918674 rgb(145,134,116)
Fern Frond #4e5d1c rgb(78,93,28)
Rangoon Green #252716 rgb(37,39,22)
Cornflower #86b2e5 rgb(134,178,229)
Keppel #37b3b2 rgb(55,179,178)
Battleship Gray #899481 rgb(137,148,129)
Calypso #3a7d98 rgb(58,125,152)
Kelp #44492f rgb(68,73,47)
Half Baked #8cbad4 rgb(140,186,212)
Outrageous Orange #fc6434 rgb(252,100,52)
Regent Gray #8494a4 rgb(132,148,164)
Rhino #2c3c5c rgb(44,60,92)
Pale Sky #646e80 rgb(100,110,128)
Sandy brown #f48c64 rgb(244,140,100)
Scooter #2dbcb8 rgb(45,188,184)
Tallow #aaaa8d rgb(170,170,141)
Astral #2e84a2 rgb(46,132,162)
Dingley #697342 rgb(105,115,66)
Fountain Blue #68b1bd rgb(104,177,189)
Blue Bayoux #586f84 rgb(88,111,132)
Eternity #251910 rgb(37,25,16)
Millbrook #5e4433 rgb(94,68,51)
Spindle #c5deec rgb(197,222,236)

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