Ecoland: a Free HTML Travel and Tours Website Template Ecoland: a Free HTML Travel and Tours Website Template Ecoland: a Free HTML Travel and Tours Website Template Ecoland: a Free HTML Travel and Tours Website Template Ecoland: a Free HTML Travel and Tours Website Template

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If you are looking for the best free HTML travel and tours website template solution, you better not miss Ecoland. With the clean, sophisticated and contemporary look, you will have a breeze winning over new customers. But most importantly, present your travel destinations in the best possible light and unlock a whole new horizon of possibilities for your potential clients. Make their dream trips a reality and take them on unforgettable adventures.

Ecoland fits a travel agency perfectly, but if you are a solo tours organizer, you can use it, too. In fact, even if you run an accommodation business, again, get Ecoland to sort out the design of your online presence. In the kit, Ecoland offers all the necessary, like advanced search, beautiful slider, contact form and testimonials. Bear in mind, Ecoland rocks a one-page layout which will help you differentiate from the masses easily.

The color palette of this template is composed by 51 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Raw Sienna #cd8452 rgb(205,132,82)
Donkey Brown #a89a7b rgb(168,154,123)
Spectra #2b5c5b rgb(43,92,91)
Everglade #233c2c rgb(35,60,44)
Tumbleweed #dfa176 rgb(223,161,118)
Boulder #747474 rgb(116,116,116)
Rose Fog #e4bcb4 rgb(228,188,180)
Governor Bay #3834b4 rgb(56,52,180)
Dove Gray #6c6c6c rgb(108,108,108)
Lucky Point #201d66 rgb(32,29,102)
Cod Gray #171717 rgb(23,23,23)
Cavern Pink #e4bcbb rgb(228,188,187)
Cardinal #ca2024 rgb(202,32,36)
Jumbo #7c7a7e rgb(124,122,126)
Potters Clay #94543c rgb(148,84,60)
Mid Gray #5d606c rgb(93,96,108)
Tacao #eeb492 rgb(238,180,146)
Tumbleweed #e2ae81 rgb(226,174,129)
Concord #837d79 rgb(131,125,121)
Falu Red #801a19 rgb(128,26,25)
Oxford Blue #3c455a rgb(60,69,90)
New York Pink #cf8978 rgb(207,137,120)
Tan #d4a990 rgb(212,169,144)
Shingle Fawn #6c4c30 rgb(108,76,48)
Cutty Sark #4a7575 rgb(74,117,117)
Grain Brown #e2c4b0 rgb(226,196,176)
Ming #3d7b81 rgb(61,123,129)
Indian Khaki #c0a486 rgb(192,164,134)
Racing Green #08140b rgb(8,20,11)
Millbrook #5f4c36 rgb(95,76,54)
Raffia #e7ceb3 rgb(231,206,179)
Muddy Waters #bc9464 rgb(188,148,100)
Makara #8c7c6c rgb(140,124,108)
Potters Clay #8c6a3c rgb(140,106,60)
Taupe #3d342d rgb(61,52,45)
Tan #cca781 rgb(204,167,129)
Tradewind #62b5b7 rgb(98,181,183)
Ironside Gray #6d6b66 rgb(109,107,102)
Paarl #a9562e rgb(169,86,46)
Thunder #1c1b1c rgb(28,27,28)
French Rose #f4587c rgb(244,88,124)
Teak #be9a74 rgb(190,154,116)
Pewter #989b9a rgb(152,155,154)
Shingle Fawn #6f4b34 rgb(111,75,52)
Armadillo #453e36 rgb(69,62,54)
Tonys Pink #e7a982 rgb(231,169,130)
Viking #60d2d9 rgb(96,210,217)
Flint #726d63 rgb(114,109,99)
Casal #2e706a rgb(46,112,106)
Fuscous Gray #454541 rgb(69,69,65)
Valencia #de414a rgb(222,65,74)

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