Safario: One of the Best Free Travel and Tours Website Template Safario: One of the Best Free Travel and Tours Website Template Safario: One of the Best Free Travel and Tours Website Template Safario: One of the Best Free Travel and Tours Website Template Safario: One of the Best Free Travel and Tours Website Template

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If you are on the hunt for the best free travel and tours website template, Safario is the right option for you. It has a modern, trendy, professional and attention-grabbing web design that will easily differentiate you from the masses. Instead of spending time and energy on coming up with the best look for your agency, you can benefit from Safario and have it done already. On top of that, Safario costs you nothing and is only a click away. How cool is that?

Call-to-action buttons, nice hover effects, testimonials slider, blog and advanced package search are some of the features of Safario. The layout is also 100% responsive, compatible with web browsers and retina screens. Overall, Safario is organized and documented what makes using it child’s play. Push your travel and tour offerings with style!

The color palette of this template is composed by 54 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Flamingo #f35f46 rgb(243,95,70)
Waterloo #7c7c95 rgb(124,124,149)
Kenyan Copper #7c1808 rgb(124,24,8)
Kabul #584138 rgb(88,65,56)
Perano #a9a3f8 rgb(169,163,248)
Cornflower Blue #625cf5 rgb(98,92,245)
Santas Gray #a4a4ac rgb(164,164,172)
Deep Blue #0c077c rgb(12,7,124)
Smoky #60587a rgb(96,88,122)
Dull Lavender #9c84e4 rgb(156,132,228)
Viking #59ddad rgb(89,221,173)
Amethyst Smoke #9292b9 rgb(146,146,185)
Minsk #2e3084 rgb(46,48,132)
Tuna #353446 rgb(53,52,70)
Cornflower Blue #7272fb rgb(114,114,251)
Deep Blush #e270a0 rgb(226,112,160)
Comet #5b5d79 rgb(91,93,121)
Claret #6e163b rgb(110,22,59)
Link Water #dadaf5 rgb(218,218,245)
Cornflower Blue #635bf4 rgb(99,91,244)
Waikawa Gray #575990 rgb(87,89,144)
Minsk #35328f rgb(53,50,143)
Tuna #343745 rgb(52,55,69)
Cornflower Blue #7271fb rgb(114,113,251)
Blue Marguerite #7166c0 rgb(113,102,192)
Comet #5e5686 rgb(94,86,134)
Port Gore #2d265d rgb(45,38,93)
Mid Gray #6c6c74 rgb(108,108,116)
Dull Lavender #9c9ce4 rgb(156,156,228)
Cornflower Blue #7d72eb rgb(125,114,235)
Butterfly Bush #594d97 rgb(89,77,151)
Minsk #423185 rgb(66,49,133)
Martinique #322e4b rgb(50,46,75)
Cornflower Blue #7272fa rgb(114,114,250)
Cornflower Blue #645cf4 rgb(100,92,244)
Silver Chalice #a4a4a4 rgb(164,164,164)
Deep Blue #0e087c rgb(14,8,124)
Comet #56566e rgb(86,86,110)
Cornflower Blue #7373fa rgb(115,115,250)
Laser #cca966 rgb(204,169,102)
Sandstone #71675f rgb(113,103,95)
Astronaut #242470 rgb(36,36,112)
Martinique #34344c rgb(52,52,76)
Cornflower Blue #7374f8 rgb(115,116,248)
Blue Bell #8f8ed1 rgb(143,142,209)
Waikawa Gray #525a97 rgb(82,90,151)
Jacarta #293167 rgb(41,49,103)
Shark #2a2b30 rgb(42,43,48)
Cornflower Blue #716ffa rgb(113,111,250)
Twine #c19f59 rgb(193,159,89)
Mountain Mist #a39aa5 rgb(163,154,165)
Jelly Bean #2a6ea4 rgb(42,110,164)
Comet #575c72 rgb(87,92,114)
Cornflower Blue #7372fb rgb(115,114,251)

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