Roberto: a Free Responsive HTML Hotel Website Template Roberto: a Free Responsive HTML Hotel Website Template Roberto: a Free Responsive HTML Hotel Website Template Roberto: a Free Responsive HTML Hotel Website Template

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If you are in the accommodation space, you better check free responsive HTML hotel website template, Roberto. Even if the tool does not cost you a dime, you can still expect premium-like features that will put you right on top. Roberto sports an absolutely stunning home design, full-width slider, loads content on scroll and includes an advanced room availability form. Along with the index page, Roberto also contains multiple internal sections that cover rooms, about, blog and contact. As for the latter, Roberto has a working contact form and Google Maps.

Last but not least, Roberto is a Bootstrap Framework template to ensure responsiveness and flexibility. Start on the web as a professional from the beginning and take your hotel, resort or any other accommodation business to another level.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Java #1cc4b1 rgb(28,196,177)
Shuttle Gray #52656e rgb(82,101,110)
Firefly #102538 rgb(16,37,56)
Outer Space #29373f rgb(41,55,63)
Bermuda #84dcd3 rgb(132,220,211)
Keppel #41a69e rgb(65,166,158)
Monsoon #8f898f rgb(143,137,143)
Mirage #14182a rgb(20,24,42)
Fiord #3d5470 rgb(61,84,112)
Monte Carlo #7cccc4 rgb(124,204,196)
Java #26b6a9 rgb(38,182,169)
Scarpa Flow #504d59 rgb(80,77,89)
Elm #1c6e7b rgb(28,110,123)
Ebony Clay #232c39 rgb(35,44,57)
Water Leaf #9ce7da rgb(156,231,218)
Puerto Rico #47c1b4 rgb(71,193,180)
Zorba #a29685 rgb(162,150,133)
Old Copper #753c2e rgb(117,60,46)
William #3f616c rgb(63,97,108)
Cashmere #e8c8a9 rgb(232,200,169)
Puerto Rico #3ab9a9 rgb(58,185,169)
Malta #bcae9e rgb(188,174,158)
Metallic Copper #682b1e rgb(104,43,30)
Domino #836e5a rgb(131,110,90)
Stark White #eaddc7 rgb(234,221,199)
Prairie Sand #a64922 rgb(166,73,34)
Hoki #5e8799 rgb(94,135,153)
Wasabi #88902a rgb(136,144,42)
Judge Gray #584638 rgb(88,70,56)
Putty #e9d083 rgb(233,208,131)
Mountain Meadow #1ca494 rgb(28,164,148)
Manatee #8c94a4 rgb(140,148,164)
Java #1cc4ae rgb(28,196,174)
Shuttle Gray #5b6873 rgb(91,104,115)
Downy #6cd4cc rgb(108,212,204)
Harvest Gold #dbc07c rgb(219,192,124)
Regent Gray #969ea4 rgb(150,158,164)
Quincy #613c2d rgb(97,60,45)
San Juan #2c4f5e rgb(44,79,94)
Sinbad #98c6d3 rgb(152,198,211)
Java #23bfae rgb(35,191,174)
Pale Sky #627784 rgb(98,119,132)
Big Stone #1a3549 rgb(26,53,73)
Fiord #3c5060 rgb(60,80,96)
Ice Cold #a0f2ea rgb(160,242,234)

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