Traveland: a Free Travel Booking Website Template Traveland: a Free Travel Booking Website Template Traveland: a Free Travel Booking Website Template Traveland: a Free Travel Booking Website Template Traveland: a Free Travel Booking Website Template

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Indeed, Traveland is a free travel booking website template for travel agencies and other tourism businesses. You have a chance to employ the powerful and wonderful Traveland web design right away and have it represent your company online in the best possible light. While it caters to many ideas out of the box, you can still improve and enhance Traveland according to your needs and regulations. No need to keep yourself limited while hammering out the best and most impressive travel page with Traveland.

Full-screen banner with parallax effect, sticky navbar, advanced search function with date pickers, animated statistics and creative testimonials slider are just some of the goodies of Traveland. You can also start a travel blog and capture their emails with the integrated newsletter subscription form. Shine online with Traveland and get the adventure going.

The color palette of this template is composed by 54 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Danube #649ccc rgb(100,156,204)
Waikawa Gray #587093 rgb(88,112,147)
San Juan #2b4861 rgb(43,72,97)
Ebony Clay #232c34 rgb(35,44,52)
Glacier #6f9ec1 rgb(111,158,193)
Potters Clay #8a5c3c rgb(138,92,60)
Dove Gray #746c6c rgb(116,108,108)
Calypso #337d8c rgb(51,125,140)
Sandstone #75665e rgb(117,102,94)
Havelock Blue #589cdc rgb(88,156,220)
Buttercup #f3b216 rgb(243,178,22)
Nevada #68747b rgb(104,116,123)
Paradiso #2c7a85 rgb(44,122,133)
Judge Gray #594636 rgb(89,70,54)
Havelock Blue #69a9e1 rgb(105,169,225)
Brown Rust #a4643c rgb(164,100,60)
Manatee #90949c rgb(144,148,156)
Buccaneer #6c3c34 rgb(108,60,52)
Steel Gray #222135 rgb(34,33,53)
Tan #d4b494 rgb(212,180,148)
Tussock #c89243 rgb(200,146,67)
Gull Gray #989fb5 rgb(152,159,181)
West Coast #66491e rgb(102,73,30)
Steel Gray #232334 rgb(35,35,52)
Chalky #f1e19a rgb(241,225,154)
Potters Clay #90683a rgb(144,104,58)
Mongoose #b49972 rgb(180,153,114)
Elephant #143c4c rgb(20,60,76)
Dove Gray #6c6464 rgb(108,100,100)
Equator #e4c868 rgb(228,200,104)
Buttercup #f0b418 rgb(240,180,24)
Mongoose #bda882 rgb(189,168,130)
Wedgewood #478899 rgb(71,136,153)
Millbrook #5d4b35 rgb(93,75,53)
Akaroa #d9c6ab rgb(217,198,171)
Sun #fcb814 rgb(252,184,20)
Pewter #949c9c rgb(148,156,156)
Old Copper #7c4c34 rgb(124,76,52)
Roman Coffee #7b6554 rgb(123,101,84)
Cream Can #f4cc4c rgb(244,204,76)
Gray Chateau #a4a9ac rgb(164,169,172)
Yukon Gold #7c6107 rgb(124,97,7)
Mako #404448 rgb(64,68,72)
Citrine White #f9f1d1 rgb(249,241,209)
Golden Grass #dd9b24 rgb(221,155,36)
Armadillo #554b44 rgb(85,75,68)
Eternity #261c11 rgb(38,28,17)
Corduroy #5f6865 rgb(95,104,101)
Stark White #e4d2bc rgb(228,210,188)
Sun #fab408 rgb(250,180,8)
Rolling Stone #727578 rgb(114,117,120)
Firefly #0a202d rgb(10,32,45)
Dorado #61544e rgb(97,84,78)
Double Colonial White #e9e0a0 rgb(233,224,160)

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