Sogo: a Modern, Clean, Unique and Interest Sparking Free Hotel Website Template Sogo: a Modern, Clean, Unique and Interest Sparking Free Hotel Website Template Sogo: a Modern, Clean, Unique and Interest Sparking Free Hotel Website Template Sogo: a Modern, Clean, Unique and Interest Sparking Free Hotel Website Template

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Sogo is a modern, clean, unique and interest sparking free Bootstrap hotel website template for any accommodation business. With its very many features and elements, as well as predesigned layouts, you can quickly execute your hotel website like a professional. Besides, you can stick to the default settings or improve the look of Sogo with your creativity and branding.

What’s more, Sogo features a full-screen banner with parallax effect, availability form, loads content on scroll and sports a stunning gallery slider. Moreover, Sogo is also fully equipped with a restaurant menu, testimonials, events, reservation form and newsletter subscription widget. Whether you are creating your own or your client’s website, Sogo is here to please all your needs and requirements. Present your hotel in the best possible light and stand out from the crowd with a spectacular website thanks to Sogo.

The color palette of this template is composed by 37 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Saffron Mango #fcbc5d rgb(252,188,93)
Pink Swan #b4b0b2 rgb(180,176,178)
Plantation #223f48 rgb(34,63,72)
Lisbon Brown #3f3c23 rgb(63,60,35)
Cherokee #facd89 rgb(250,205,137)
Sandy brown #f1b164 rgb(241,177,100)
Scorpion #636161 rgb(99,97,97)
Pesto #6c7c34 rgb(108,124,52)
Mirage #1c2736 rgb(28,39,54)
Di Serria #d4a454 rgb(212,164,84)
Casablanca #f7b958 rgb(247,185,88)
Oslo Gray #939597 rgb(147,149,151)
Antique Bronze #7e4f06 rgb(126,79,6)
Domino #896d5c rgb(137,109,92)
White Lilac #f4f4fc rgb(244,244,252)
Cape Palliser #9c6c44 rgb(156,108,68)
Mid Gray #5c5c64 rgb(92,92,100)
Astronaut #24446c rgb(36,68,108)
Pine Cone #6d6059 rgb(109,96,89)
Cameo #dcb89c rgb(220,184,156)
Cape Palliser #a6774a rgb(166,119,74)
Cement #937663 rgb(147,118,99)
Cello #264365 rgb(38,67,101)
Cod Gray #0e0d0e rgb(14,13,14)
Cashmere #e6be9b rgb(230,190,155)
Desert #a47424 rgb(164,116,36)
Lemon Grass #9a9c93 rgb(154,156,147)
Brown Bramble #5b3b05 rgb(91,59,5)
Kelp #535241 rgb(83,82,65)
Brandy Rose #b48474 rgb(180,132,116)
Dove Gray #707070 rgb(112,112,112)
Laser #c9aa72 rgb(201,170,114)
Blue Smoke #7a9187 rgb(122,145,135)
Black Marlin #362f19 rgb(54,47,25)
Hemlock #534e38 rgb(83,78,56)
Leather #8f6553 rgb(143,101,83)
Kabul #5c4c44 rgb(92,76,68)

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