Travelers: a Free Travel and Tours Website Template Travelers: a Free Travel and Tours Website Template Travelers: a Free Travel and Tours Website Template Travelers: a Free Travel and Tours Website Template

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As the name suggests, Travelers is a free travel and tours website template for agencies interested in expanding their businesses. Never lack web presence again thanks to this spectacular and easy to use free tool that will put you on top. Travelers is full of amazing features and great characteristics that will keep you going strong on the web.

Core features of Travelers are full-screen slider with parallax effect and call-to-action button, unique testimonials slider, video support and a full-blown booking form. Additionally, Travelers also treats you to neat destination, discount, about and blog pages. Indeed, you can also start a travel blog with Travelers and put your travel agency ahead of the competition effortlessly. If you would like to stand out from the masses and emphasize your professionalism and mind-bending travel destinations, do it in style with Travelers.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Polo Blue #8ab2ca rgb(138,178,202)
Shadow #856d4d rgb(133,109,77)
Bull Shot #7a501e rgb(122,80,30)
Armadillo #39382c rgb(57,56,44)
Sunglo #e47d6d rgb(228,125,109)
Downy #74b4d3 rgb(116,180,211)
Hit Gray #94a2aa rgb(148,162,170)
Ebony #04040c rgb(4,4,12)
Fuscous Gray #5a554f rgb(90,85,79)
Beauty Bush #ecbcbc rgb(236,188,188)
Downy #77b5d2 rgb(119,181,210)
Rolling Stone #6f767a rgb(111,118,122)
Metallic Bronze #5b3d1d rgb(91,61,29)
Chicago #5c5a57 rgb(92,90,87)
Viking #6cb8da rgb(108,184,218)
Danube #5c95cb rgb(92,149,203)
Nepal #98aabf rgb(152,170,191)
Chathams Blue #113a74 rgb(17,58,116)
Shark #2d3035 rgb(45,48,53)
Picton Blue #52b6ea rgb(82,182,234)
Danube #5f90c4 rgb(95,144,196)
Gray Chateau #97a0aa rgb(151,160,170)
St Tropaz #275996 rgb(39,89,150)
Shark #23272a rgb(35,39,42)
Picton Blue #4bbaf1 rgb(75,186,241)
Havelock Blue #64a1dc rgb(100,161,220)
Oslo Gray #7f8a95 rgb(127,138,149)
Saddle #502c24 rgb(80,44,36)
Dove Gray #716c6d rgb(113,108,109)
Cameo #dbad9a rgb(219,173,154)
Burnt Sienna #ec6c5c rgb(236,108,92)
Boulder #747474 rgb(116,116,116)
Dark Tan #76190d rgb(118,25,13)
Mine Shaft #343434 rgb(52,52,52)
Wewak #f1a99c rgb(241,169,156)
Seagull #72c0ea rgb(114,192,234)
Slate Gray #788791 rgb(120,135,145)
Eden #103f5e rgb(16,63,94)
Fedora #646264 rgb(100,98,100)
Vanilla Ice #f4dbd6 rgb(244,219,214)
Burnt Sienna #eb6d5c rgb(235,109,92)
Scarpa Flow #5a5a5b rgb(90,90,91)
Brown Tumbleweed #3e2d12 rgb(62,45,18)
Mandy #e45c51 rgb(228,92,81)

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