Taxa: a Free Mobile-Friendly Travel Website Template Taxa: a Free Mobile-Friendly Travel Website Template Taxa: a Free Mobile-Friendly Travel Website Template Taxa: a Free Mobile-Friendly Travel Website Template

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If you would like to differentiate yourself from the masses, Taxa is the free mobile-friendly travel website template that you should consider using. Instead of building the entire web design from scratch, you can now utilize the power of Taxa and save yourself loads of time and effort. Taxa sports a unique, responsive and attention-grabbing design that will spark interest in everyone that visits it.

Moreover, Taxa rocks other cracking features, like photo gallery, hover effects, newsletter subscription and neat trip packages page. In addition to that, with Taxa, you can also start a compelling travel blog and implement content marketing to scale your business to new heights. For your convenience, Taxa includes a working contact form, Google Maps and Instagram widget. Now get people to take adventurous trips to places they haven’t been yet.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Purple Heart #7323cf rgb(115,35,207)
Butterfly Bush #644ca4 rgb(100,76,164)
Seance #721e96 rgb(114,30,150)
Cerise #e534a7 rgb(229,52,167)
Steel Blue #5c7cb4 rgb(92,124,180)
Manatee #969698 rgb(150,150,152)
Te Papa Green #204438 rgb(32,68,56)
Ship Gray #4a484f rgb(74,72,79)
Lilac Bush #9c6cd4 rgb(156,108,212)
Purple Heart #8a38e9 rgb(138,56,233)
Scarpa Flow #555660 rgb(85,86,96)
Cocoa Bean #4b201a rgb(75,32,26)
Black #040404 rgb(4,4,4)
Lilac #d09bcb rgb(208,155,203)
Froly #f46574 rgb(244,101,116)
Kabul #5d4c42 rgb(93,76,66)
Aubergine #1c040c rgb(28,4,12)
Shadow #866d55 rgb(134,109,85)
Vista White #f8f0ed rgb(248,240,237)
Cornflower Blue #4e89ea rgb(78,137,234)
Dawn #a2a093 rgb(162,160,147)
Ironstone #814f3c rgb(129,79,60)
Kabul #625543 rgb(98,85,67)
Banana Mania #fbe9a7 rgb(251,233,167)
Cerise #de49b6 rgb(222,73,182)
Mulled Wine #5c4c62 rgb(92,76,98)
Nutmeg #86442e rgb(134,68,46)
Matterhorn #554045 rgb(85,64,69)
Medium Purple #ac3ae2 rgb(172,58,226)
Teak #b09858 rgb(176,152,88)
Salt Box #5c545e rgb(92,84,94)
Daisy Bush #5c2494 rgb(92,36,148)
Mortar #483d4a rgb(72,61,74)
Orchid #dc5ccc rgb(220,92,204)
Cerise #d737ad rgb(215,55,173)
Falcon #7d5c62 rgb(125,92,98)
Piper #c26423 rgb(194,100,35)
Comet #546074 rgb(84,96,116)
Di Serria #d59c4c rgb(213,156,76)
Twine #be9453 rgb(190,148,83)
Mountain Mist #9c969d rgb(156,150,157)
Black Pearl #040c1c rgb(4,12,28)
Shuttle Gray #606473 rgb(96,100,115)
Brandy #dec595 rgb(222,197,149)

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