TheRiver: a Free Mobile-Ready Hotel Website Template TheRiver: a Free Mobile-Ready Hotel Website Template TheRiver: a Free Mobile-Ready Hotel Website Template TheRiver: a Free Mobile-Ready Hotel Website Template

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If you are in the accommodation business, you will enjoy our excellent free mobile-ready hotel website template, TheRiver. It is a stunning, professional and beginner-friendly website canvas for hotels, resorts and other accommodation businesses that are in need of a solid page. Do yourself a favor and enjoy TheRiver’s live preview page and study its perks further.

TheRiver is a Bootstrap Framework-based HTML page template with a banging home design and other inner pages that will get you going strong. Enrich it with your branding and personal touch and appear online like none out there. A website is your hotel’s ambassador so make it unique and attention sparking and take your business to an entirely new level. TheRiver also has a booking form with date picker, beautiful room pages, blog, fully functional contact section and a testimonial slider.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Apricot #e49474 rgb(228,148,116)
Mobster #7a757d rgb(122,117,125)
Big Stone #141c32 rgb(20,28,50)
Gun Powder #3f4055 rgb(63,64,85)
Hit Pink #fba47d rgb(251,164,125)
Pickled Bean #744026 rgb(116,64,38)
Silver Chalice #a4a4a4 rgb(164,164,164)
Potters Clay #8b5d3c rgb(139,93,60)
Sandstone #72675c rgb(114,103,92)
Anzac #e4b448 rgb(228,180,72)
Harvest Gold #e4a377 rgb(228,163,119)
Silver Chalice #b1b1b1 rgb(177,177,177)
Pickled Bean #74442b rgb(116,68,43)
Gondola #180f10 rgb(24,15,16)
Saffron #f8d32d rgb(248,211,45)
Muddy Waters #be896c rgb(190,137,108)
Fedora #666366 rgb(102,99,102)
Irish Coffee #5c3424 rgb(92,52,36)
Dolphin #64657c rgb(100,101,124)
Hit Pink #fbaf7c rgb(251,175,124)
Brandy Punch #cd9734 rgb(205,151,52)
Tobacco Brown #6f5646 rgb(111,86,70)
Spicy Mix #955a46 rgb(149,90,70)
Fuscous Gray #4c4c4b rgb(76,76,75)
Rajah #f8a47e rgb(248,164,126)
Old Copper #794932 rgb(121,73,50)
Sandal #ae8c68 rgb(174,140,104)
Eclipse #34191b rgb(52,25,27)
Pine Cone #6b5b51 rgb(107,91,81)
Tacao #f1a584 rgb(241,165,132)
Tussock #c5924a rgb(197,146,74)
Manatee #94949c rgb(148,148,156)
Rhino #263454 rgb(38,52,84)
Mid Gray #5a5c6c rgb(90,92,108)
Muddy Waters #bc7c60 rgb(188,124,96)
Di Serria #d6aa4f rgb(214,170,79)
Sandal #a88f73 rgb(168,143,115)
Irish Coffee #5e2a20 rgb(94,42,32)
Jon #311b1b rgb(49,27,27)
Gold Sand #e9b292 rgb(233,178,146)
Marigold #bf8e2d rgb(191,142,45)
Cascade #85aba4 rgb(133,171,164)
Kumera #8a651c rgb(138,101,28)
Mirage #171526 rgb(23,21,38)
Hit Pink #faa47d rgb(250,164,125)

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