Beyond: a Free Travel Booking Website Template Beyond: a Free Travel Booking Website Template Beyond: a Free Travel Booking Website Template Beyond: a Free Travel Booking Website Template Beyond: a Free Travel Booking Website Template

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Get your hands on Beyond free travel booking website template and take your agency to new heights. With a solid page, you can market your services and travel destinations in a way that will spark everyone’s interest and curiosity. Use a website based on Beyond to push your professionalism and get things moving forward swiftly. From a cracking home to other inner pages, Beyond has it all predesigned for you.

You can advertise your special packages, promote amenities and even start a travel blog and implement content marketing. All Beyond layouts are mobile-ready and flexible, ready to perform customization tweaks and make them your own. Meaning, if you would like to introduce your branding to the experience, by all means, tweak and improve the web design and turn your visitors into customers without breaking a sweat.

The color palette of this template is composed by 55 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Astral #316fa4 rgb(49,111,164)
William #395b61 rgb(57,91,97)
Green Pea #1b602c rgb(27,96,44)
Mirage #1a2034 rgb(26,32,52)
Dull Lavender #a0a0e1 rgb(160,160,225)
Danube #7cacdc rgb(124,172,220)
Dawn #aaa8a2 rgb(170,168,162)
Night Shadz #a43c4c rgb(164,60,76)
Crocodile #797056 rgb(121,112,86)
Havelock Blue #4c94d4 rgb(76,148,212)
Cerulean Blue #266ab5 rgb(38,106,181)
Stack #8c8e8a rgb(140,142,138)
Cafe Royale #62340b rgb(98,52,11)
Kabul #594541 rgb(89,69,65)
Di Serria #d7a64d rgb(215,166,77)
Curious Blue #2792d4 rgb(39,146,212)
Shuttle Gray #5a6575 rgb(90,101,117)
International Klein Blue #0432a4 rgb(4,50,164)
Cocoa Brown #342723 rgb(52,39,35)
Gold Sand #e7c493 rgb(231,196,147)
St Tropaz #2b60a5 rgb(43,96,165)
Mountain Mist #919093 rgb(145,144,147)
Rope #94481f rgb(148,72,31)
Thunder #2b2627 rgb(43,38,39)
Twine #c59867 rgb(197,152,103)
Danube #5098c8 rgb(80,152,200)
Manatee #949496 rgb(148,148,150)
Saddle #4e2423 rgb(78,36,35)
Flint #706b67 rgb(112,107,103)
White Lilac #f4f4fc rgb(244,244,252)
Buccaneer #6c3c34 rgb(108,60,52)
Trout #4f555f rgb(79,85,95)
Crater Brown #452421 rgb(69,36,33)
Tuna #343740 rgb(52,55,64)
Pot Pourri #f6ece4 rgb(246,236,228)
Puerto Rico #34bcb2 rgb(52,188,178)
Dingley #54744c rgb(84,116,76)
Cape Palliser #946444 rgb(148,100,68)
Sandstone #74645c rgb(116,100,92)
Pigeon Post #acccdc rgb(172,204,220)
Cape Palliser #996a45 rgb(153,106,69)
Almond Frost #957b6b rgb(149,123,107)
Graphite #230d08 rgb(35,13,8)
Sandstone #746460 rgb(116,100,96)
Pancho #eed3a8 rgb(238,211,168)
Puerto Rico #34b8af rgb(52,184,175)
Sand Dune #80695a rgb(128,105,90)
Paradiso #368981 rgb(54,137,129)
Tuna #353840 rgb(53,56,64)
Ziggurat #bdd3e1 rgb(189,211,225)
Whiskey #d79e71 rgb(215,158,113)
Manatee #9296a1 rgb(146,150,161)
Red Robin #773f1f rgb(119,63,31)
Spicy Pink #7a6b69 rgb(122,107,105)
Astra #fbedbd rgb(251,237,189)

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