Deluxe: a Modern and Attention-Grabbing Free Hotel and Resort Website Template Deluxe: a Modern and Attention-Grabbing Free Hotel and Resort Website Template Deluxe: a Modern and Attention-Grabbing Free Hotel and Resort Website Template Deluxe: a Modern and Attention-Grabbing Free Hotel and Resort Website Template

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Deluxe is a modern, clean and attention-grabbing free hotel and resort website template. When you are starting fresh in the business or you already run a successful hotel, either way, you need to have a full blown website running. Make it follow all the up-to-the-minute trends and rules with Deluxe and put yourself on top. When it comes to mobile-readiness, retina and modern web browsers compatibility, that’s not to worry about, Deluxe has you covered.

With a beautiful home page and other internal sections for rooms, restaurant, about, blog and contact, Deluxe makes sure you are treated right. There are also an Instagram feed, Google Maps, social media buttons and the content that loads on scroll. You are here to make a difference in the accommodation business with your fresh new place and an impressive website thanks to Deluxe.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Ming #3f828c rgb(63,130,140)
Go Ben #72674b rgb(114,103,75)
Hunter Green #151e0e rgb(21,30,14)
William #386461 rgb(56,100,97)
Half Baked #8dccc4 rgb(141,204,196)
Wedgewood #498c9c rgb(73,140,156)
Yellow Metal #867442 rgb(134,116,66)
Potters Clay #8c6c3c rgb(140,108,60)
Smalt Blue #4d8e8c rgb(77,142,140)
Rock Blue #9cbcd4 rgb(156,188,212)
Ming #3d818b rgb(61,129,139)
Kabul #5a4f40 rgb(90,79,64)
Casal #315966 rgb(49,89,102)
Shadow #8a7244 rgb(138,114,68)
Brandy #d9b78c rgb(217,183,140)
Laser #c4a474 rgb(196,164,116)
Roman Coffee #755d4b rgb(117,93,75)
Asphalt #170e08 rgb(23,14,8)
Falcon #74646c rgb(116,100,108)
Akaroa #dac6ab rgb(218,198,171)
Bull Shot #88521c rgb(136,82,28)
Zorba #a69a8e rgb(166,154,142)
Night Rider #110c08 rgb(17,12,8)
Shadow #866b53 rgb(134,107,83)
Cameo #dbc5a8 rgb(219,197,168)
Sycamore #8c743c rgb(140,116,60)
Barley Corn #a38963 rgb(163,137,99)
Potters Clay #87693c rgb(135,105,60)
Aqua Spring #f4fcfc rgb(244,252,252)
Copper #a86834 rgb(168,104,52)
Dove Gray #6a6564 rgb(106,101,100)
Shingle Fawn #715431 rgb(113,84,49)
Smalt Blue #508c94 rgb(80,140,148)
Winter Hazel #d4cc9c rgb(212,204,156)
Pesto #8b733c rgb(139,115,60)
Barley Corn #9f865c rgb(159,134,92)
Pesto #846a2c rgb(132,106,44)
Fuscous Gray #514d48 rgb(81,77,72)
Sorrell Brown #caab8d rgb(202,171,141)
Driftwood #b18542 rgb(177,133,66)
Delta #b3b3ac rgb(179,179,172)
Sepia Skin #9d563b rgb(157,86,59)
Dove Gray #6f6c6a rgb(111,108,106)
Double Spanish White #ebe1c4 rgb(235,225,196)

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