Major: a Free Luxury Hotel Website Template Major: a Free Luxury Hotel Website Template Major: a Free Luxury Hotel Website Template

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Major is a free luxury hotel website template with a stunning web design and remarkable performance. With Major, your outcome will never be half-baked rather striking and impressive, attracting new customers with all of its light. You are about to realize a business-driving website that will take your accommodations to an entirely new level. Luxury, boutique, 5-star, you name it, Major is here to adjust to all. Of course, you do not need to stick to the default parameters. In fact, you can freely customize Major to your needs and likings and have it represent your hotel in a professional, sophisticated and contemporary way. Even if they view it using a handheld device, Major makes sure that your rooms, bookings and other contents appear astonishingly. Are you ready to take your hotel to the next level?

The color palette of this template is composed by 31 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Spice #6c4430 rgb(108,68,48)
Cutty Sark #4e6870 rgb(78,104,112)
Big Stone #132932 rgb(19,41,50)
Cocoa Brown #231d1c rgb(35,29,28)
Glacier #72a2c7 rgb(114,162,199)
Hurricane #847c7c rgb(132,124,124)
Apple Blossom #a43c48 rgb(164,60,72)
Blue Bayoux #4c5c7c rgb(76,92,124)
Rock Blue #98b5ce rgb(152,181,206)
Fountain Blue #659bc2 rgb(101,155,194)
Hit Gray #a0acb6 rgb(160,172,182)
San Juan #294765 rgb(41,71,101)
Ebony Clay #2b3041 rgb(43,48,65)
Half Baked #8cb5d7 rgb(140,181,215)
Indian Khaki #c4a484 rgb(196,164,132)
Roman Coffee #7a614b rgb(122,97,75)
Irish Coffee #5d3220 rgb(93,50,32)
Blue Bayoux #515e7b rgb(81,94,123)
Sidecar #f5e3c8 rgb(245,227,200)
Lavender #d878dc rgb(216,120,220)
Hit Gray #a8b4bc rgb(168,180,188)
Rhino #2c3c64 rgb(44,60,100)
Red Robin #843d20 rgb(132,61,32)
Trout #525460 rgb(82,84,96)
Irish Coffee #603320 rgb(96,51,32)
Tobacco Brown #755d48 rgb(117,93,72)
Hampton #e3cba9 rgb(227,203,169)
Antique Brass #c48c6f rgb(196,140,111)
Ming #366479 rgb(54,100,121)
Woodland #48472a rgb(72,71,42)
Bone #e4d2c5 rgb(228,210,197)

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