Direngine: a Neat and Tidy Free Tourism Website Template Direngine: a Neat and Tidy Free Tourism Website Template Direngine: a Neat and Tidy Free Tourism Website Template Direngine: a Neat and Tidy Free Tourism Website Template Direngine: a Neat and Tidy Free Tourism Website Template

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The amazing, modern, neat and tidy free tourism website template, Direngine, is here to bring your travel project to the online space. If you are an agency or you would like to create a travel directory website which includes restaurants, hotels, shopping places and other whatnots, this is the ideal tool for you. Beautiful full-screen banner and advanced search option await every visitor upon your page load and get them intrigued to take action. Before they know it, they are just clicks away from booking their next trip to god knows where.

Direngine is a responsive and retina-ready free tourism website template based on the powerful Bootstrap Framework. Your final web design creation will instantly and smoothly adapt to all devices, offering all your guests to use your platform seamlessly regardless of their preferred gadget.

The color palette of this template is composed by 54 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Bermuda #78c7d8 rgb(120,199,216)
Willow Grove #667162 rgb(102,113,98)
Jelly Bean #2b7db1 rgb(43,125,177)
Black Olive #272c13 rgb(39,44,19)
Burnt Sienna #ed5f52 rgb(237,95,82)
Eastern Blue #1ea2bc rgb(30,162,188)
Leather #976f56 rgb(151,111,86)
Elm #17807c rgb(23,128,124)
Outer Space #303e3f rgb(48,62,63)
Fountain Blue #61b0c4 rgb(97,176,196)
Jelly Bean #25849c rgb(37,132,156)
Napa #ada292 rgb(173,162,146)
Genoa #137c6d rgb(19,124,109)
Soya Bean #69634c rgb(105,99,76)
Glacier #8ab5c8 rgb(138,181,200)
Pelorous #3aa8be rgb(58,168,190)
Pharlap #a3777e rgb(163,119,126)
Blue Dianne #22585e rgb(34,88,94)
Wedgewood #447e9a rgb(68,126,154)
Fountain Blue #6cb4c4 rgb(108,180,196)
Pelorous #3fa4bf rgb(63,164,191)
Manatee #99989f rgb(153,152,159)
Boston Blue #348fa8 rgb(52,143,168)
Zeus #2c241d rgb(44,36,29)
Fountain Blue #69b4c4 rgb(105,180,196)
Froly #f46c6c rgb(244,108,108)
Xanadu #708c78 rgb(112,140,120)
Cape Palliser #9e7b47 rgb(158,123,71)
Cocoa Brown #2e2421 rgb(46,36,33)
Mantis #94c45c rgb(148,196,92)
Shingle Fawn #715a33 rgb(113,90,51)
Thistle Green #c6c69c rgb(198,198,156)
Irish Coffee #593923 rgb(89,57,35)
Pale Sky #676f7c rgb(103,111,124)
Carnation #f15e5f rgb(241,94,95)
Carnation #f66664 rgb(246,102,100)
Silk #bcaca4 rgb(188,172,164)
Dark Burgundy #7d0807 rgb(125,8,7)
Froly #f47c7c rgb(244,124,124)
Downy #5ed8ac rgb(94,216,172)
Oslo Gray #7e848c rgb(126,132,140)
Green Pea #196a4d rgb(25,106,77)
Sirocco #6d7475 rgb(109,116,117)
Froly #f47171 rgb(244,113,113)
Carnation #f25e5d rgb(242,94,93)
Mid Gray #5d5d61 rgb(93,93,97)
Dark Burgundy #7a0a09 rgb(122,10,9)
Woodsmoke #060608 rgb(6,6,8)
Can Can #d6989b rgb(214,152,155)
Puerto Rico #3cc7bb rgb(60,199,187)
Rolling Stone #72797d rgb(114,121,125)
Bottle Green #0a3635 rgb(10,54,53)
Ebony Clay #242c34 rgb(36,44,52)
Carnation #f75c59 rgb(247,92,89)

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