Travello: a Versatile and Highly Adaptive Free Travel Website Template Travello: a Versatile and Highly Adaptive Free Travel Website Template Travello: a Versatile and Highly Adaptive Free Travel Website Template Travello: a Versatile and Highly Adaptive Free Travel Website Template

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Travello is a versatile and highly adaptive free travel website template that will skyrocket your agency and bring it to a whole new level. With zero budget spend and a small investment of time and effort, you can swiftly craft the desired page and shine online. Travello has many premium-like features that will make you appear on the web like a pro.

Some of the neat, handy and valuable assets of the template for travel websites are advanced search options, parallax effect, newsletter subscription, as well as a blog and a contact page. Travello will surely do an excellent job for you and speed things up in regards to setting up your fantastic and attention-grabbing web space. What’s more, due to the Bootstrap Framework, Travello will also display all the must-visit destinations smoothly on all devices, smartphones, tablets and desktops.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Calypso #2c5e82 rgb(44,94,130)
Jumbo #787884 rgb(120,120,132)
Regal Blue #043c74 rgb(4,60,116)
Bismark #486e8b rgb(72,110,139)
Spindle #c4d4ec rgb(196,212,236)
Neptune #72c2b4 rgb(114,194,180)
Horizon #6192a7 rgb(97,146,167)
Genoa #146f76 rgb(20,111,118)
Woodland #494d25 rgb(73,77,37)
Cameo #d7b9a3 rgb(215,185,163)
Half Baked #8fcaca rgb(143,202,202)
Nepal #91acc7 rgb(145,172,199)
Woodland #555524 rgb(85,85,36)
Heavy Metal #232a20 rgb(35,42,32)
Oriental Pink #ca9986 rgb(202,153,134)
Dodger Blue #09a4f5 rgb(9,164,245)
Nevada #6e7376 rgb(110,115,118)
Teal Blue #044364 rgb(4,67,100)
William #3c6478 rgb(60,100,120)
Tea Green #dcf0c4 rgb(220,240,196)
Casal #32596e rgb(50,89,110)
Comet #51516f rgb(81,81,111)
Teal Blue #044461 rgb(4,68,97)
Corduroy #6b6c6c rgb(107,108,108)
Aqua Spring #ebf7f9 rgb(235,247,249)
Boston Blue #308cc0 rgb(48,140,192)
Go Ben #78744e rgb(120,116,78)
Watercourse #05645d rgb(5,100,93)
Hemlock #625e40 rgb(98,94,64)
Grain Brown #e0c7ac rgb(224,199,172)
Santa Fe #b87246 rgb(184,114,70)
Tapa #7f7c78 rgb(127,124,120)
Irish Coffee #543420 rgb(84,52,32)
Shark #2a2e30 rgb(42,46,48)
Blush #ba446a rgb(186,68,106)
Delta #abaaa7 rgb(171,170,167)
Blue Dianne #21544d rgb(33,84,77)
Costa Del Sol #625c30 rgb(98,92,48)
Akaroa #d5bba6 rgb(213,187,166)
Azure #325f96 rgb(50,95,150)
Dawn #a4a29f rgb(164,162,159)
Nile Blue #1b465a rgb(27,70,90)
Armadillo #4a423d rgb(74,66,61)

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