Travelista: a Marvelous Free Responsive Travel Website Template Travelista: a Marvelous Free Responsive Travel Website Template Travelista: a Marvelous Free Responsive Travel Website Template Travelista: a Marvelous Free Responsive Travel Website Template

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With this marvelous free responsive travel website template, you can speed up the creation of your agency website. We simply called it, Travelista. Just like the tool goes straight to the point with its name, so it does with its web design. Travelista is ready for all sorts of accommodation businesses, as well as flights, holiday packs and even car rental. You will not find it difficult altering the template to your business due to its simplicity.

Travelista has a cool advanced search option above the fold, comes with fresh hover effects and clients testimonials. You can implement the included newsletter widget, Instagram feed and even start a travel blog. As you will see, Travelista offers entire blogging solution which you can use as its own website.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Medium Purple #905ad9 rgb(144,90,217)
Rum #786a87 rgb(120,106,135)
Port Gore #332656 rgb(51,38,86)
Cosmic #74445c rgb(116,68,92)
Gold Sand #ebc48b rgb(235,196,139)
Mantis #60c45c rgb(96,196,92)
Dusty Gray #9c9c9c rgb(156,156,156)
Green Pea #256123 rgb(37,97,35)
Mine Shaft #3b3b3b rgb(59,59,59)
White Lilac #f4f4fc rgb(244,244,252)
Laser #c3ac6e rgb(195,172,110)
Shadow #8a7148 rgb(138,113,72)
Mikado #271e0f rgb(39,30,15)
Pale Sky #666f7f rgb(102,111,127)
Astra #f8f6b3 rgb(248,246,179)
Raw Sienna #c7803e rgb(199,128,62)
Hit Gray #a3adb6 rgb(163,173,182)
Mule Fawn #86522c rgb(134,82,44)
Mine Shaft #3f3f3f rgb(63,63,63)
Anzac #e0ac44 rgb(224,172,68)
Tussock #c9964b rgb(201,150,75)
Regent Gray #8a98a1 rgb(138,152,161)
Korma #87430f rgb(135,67,15)
Mine Shaft #3a3a3a rgb(58,58,58)
Zombie #e6d298 rgb(230,210,152)
Geebung #d69618 rgb(214,150,24)
Gray Chateau #99a0a3 rgb(153,160,163)
Luxor Gold #aa7127 rgb(170,113,39)
Fuscous Gray #514e46 rgb(81,78,70)
Stark White #e0dcb8 rgb(224,220,184)
Selective Yellow #fcb404 rgb(252,180,4)
Pharlap #a28272 rgb(162,130,114)
Black Pearl #040c1c rgb(4,12,28)
Mine Shaft #3c3c3c rgb(60,60,60)
East Side #ac8cd4 rgb(172,140,212)
Pizza #d09015 rgb(208,144,21)
Sirocco #647e7e rgb(100,126,126)
Bay of Many #22557b rgb(34,85,123)
Tobacco Brown #675540 rgb(103,85,64)
Antique Brass #c79b79 rgb(199,155,121)
Golden Grass #e0a92b rgb(224,169,43)
Mid Gray #5a5c6d rgb(90,92,109)
Cape Palliser #907342 rgb(144,115,66)
Tuna #3a3b3d rgb(58,59,61)
Whiskey #d4b076 rgb(212,176,118)

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