Travelix: a Stylish Free Mobile-Ready Travel Website Template Travelix: a Stylish Free Mobile-Ready Travel Website Template Travelix: a Stylish Free Mobile-Ready Travel Website Template Travelix: a Stylish Free Mobile-Ready Travel Website Template

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When you choose contemporary and stylish free mobile-ready travel website template, Travelix, expect great things to happen. Help folks find flights, trips, cruises, activities and even car rentals with nothing but one powerful web platform. Travelix has many fantastic elements which you can take to your advantage right off the bat. What’s more, implement your personal touch to it and individualize the online experience.

Make a difference in the world of the travel industry with a bang using Travelix and expand your agency. Tell a story and create an adventure way before they even open their wallets. This way, they will not mind to return and book another trip soon after they come back from their first one. Let Travelix take care of the web presence, vacationers and your blooming travel agency.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Medium Purple #905ad9 rgb(144,90,217)
Rum #786a87 rgb(120,106,135)
Port Gore #332656 rgb(51,38,86)
Cosmic #74445c rgb(116,68,92)
Gold Sand #ebc48b rgb(235,196,139)
Medium Purple #9956e4 rgb(153,86,228)
Gull Gray #99acbc rgb(153,172,188)
Bossanova #4e2650 rgb(78,38,80)
Ship Gray #3a373d rgb(58,55,61)
Fire Bush #ea9a39 rgb(234,154,57)
Medium Purple #9f62d6 rgb(159,98,214)
Mamba #8c8499 rgb(140,132,153)
Honey Flower #451b66 rgb(69,27,102)
Dune #342e2c rgb(52,46,44)
Carrot Orange #f29a2b rgb(242,154,43)
Tulip Tree #f1a63c rgb(241,166,60)
Voodoo #543764 rgb(84,55,100)
Eden #0d3e4d rgb(13,62,77)
Roman Coffee #825e49 rgb(130,94,73)
Sapling #e1cca5 rgb(225,204,165)
Tulip Tree #eea138 rgb(238,161,56)
Shadow #896250 rgb(137,98,80)
Eden #0c3c4a rgb(12,60,74)
Cutty Sark #52787c rgb(82,120,124)
Zombie #e6d0a1 rgb(230,208,161)
Old Rose #c17490 rgb(193,116,144)
Manatee #96959c rgb(150,149,156)
Wedgewood #488c9c rgb(72,140,156)
Kabul #644c44 rgb(100,76,68)
Medium Purple #a262db rgb(162,98,219)
Di Serria #dd884f rgb(221,136,79)
Nepal #84a4c0 rgb(132,164,192)
Violet #1c0935 rgb(28,9,53)
Voodoo #55355f rgb(85,53,95)
Wisteria #ac66be rgb(172,102,190)
Storm Gray #70737d rgb(112,115,125)
Calypso #3b8597 rgb(59,133,151)
Bossanova #5d3568 rgb(93,53,104)
Medium Purple #9c5adf rgb(156,90,223)
Contessa #ca7e7c rgb(202,126,124)
Storm Gray #646989 rgb(100,105,137)
Bossanova #482c65 rgb(72,44,101)
Bossanova #55305d rgb(85,48,93)
Glacier #72aec5 rgb(114,174,197)

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