Luxehotel: a Free Luxury hotel website template Luxehotel: a Free Luxury hotel website template Luxehotel: a Free Luxury hotel website template Luxehotel: a Free Luxury hotel website template

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Luxehotel free luxury hotel website template gives you the opportunity to bring your business online. While you might be relying solely on 3rd-party platforms, having an official website is still important. You can use it to go on an even more personal level with your potential customers, capture their emails for special promotions and, of course, avoid the additional fee.

For a fast solution, Luxehotel is the template that provides a special place online for your luxury hotels and resorts. Besides, the versatility of the template allows you to use it for other businesses, like bed and breakfast, motels, spas and similar. Luxehotel is a professional, responsive, web browser compatible and modern website developing tool with a clean design. Make an impression on everyone stumbling across your site with Luxehotel.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Tango #e86f14 rgb(232,111,20)
Abbey #5a5d61 rgb(90,93,97)
Tarawera #062f47 rgb(6,47,71)
Vulcan #11161f rgb(17,22,31)
Dodger Blue #4684f8 rgb(70,132,248)
Chilean Fire #f87008 rgb(248,112,8)
Schooner #978e8d rgb(151,142,141)
Tamarind #2f1213 rgb(47,18,19)
Scorpion #686162 rgb(104,97,98)
Polo Blue #98b2d6 rgb(152,178,214)
Danube #5983cc rgb(89,131,204)
Sand Dune #846864 rgb(132,104,100)
Fiery Orange #c15212 rgb(193,82,18)
Cocoa Brown #29191a rgb(41,25,26)
Pigeon Post #a6c0db rgb(166,192,219)
Whiskey #ce9f6d rgb(206,159,109)
Spun Pearl #aca9ae rgb(172,169,174)
Cumin #955424 rgb(149,84,36)
Shark #181a20 rgb(24,26,32)
Gold Sand #e2c081 rgb(226,192,129)
Potters Clay #915b3b rgb(145,91,59)
Del Rio #ad9996 rgb(173,153,150)
Irish Coffee #562d23 rgb(86,45,35)
Bunker #14171e rgb(20,23,30)
Pancho #ebd1a3 rgb(235,209,163)
Copper #b87434 rgb(184,116,52)
Scorpion #6c5c64 rgb(108,92,100)
West Coast #67411d rgb(103,65,29)
Outer Space #1d2624 rgb(29,38,36)
Almond #f0e0c8 rgb(240,224,200)
Cornflower Blue #649cf4 rgb(100,156,244)
Dolphin #6f6a7f rgb(111,106,127)
Eternity #2c2214 rgb(44,34,20)
Don Juan #585057 rgb(88,80,87)
Cornflower Blue #5c88e8 rgb(92,136,232)
Chilean Fire #f76d05 rgb(247,109,5)
Willow Grove #667b64 rgb(102,123,100)
Peru Tan #813902 rgb(129,57,2)
Heavy Metal #1b201c rgb(27,32,28)
Cameo #e1c4a8 rgb(225,196,168)
Cornflower Blue #4a83f2 rgb(74,131,242)
Topaz #7f7a88 rgb(127,122,136)
Eternity #2d2213 rgb(45,34,19)
Fuscous Gray #4b4c43 rgb(75,76,67)

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