Villa: a Free Hotel Resort Website Template Villa: a Free Hotel Resort Website Template Villa: a Free Hotel Resort Website Template Villa: a Free Hotel Resort Website Template Villa: a Free Hotel Resort Website Template

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Are you the owner of a luxury hotel resort but you still lack online presence? Stop wasting your time and create a compelling page with Villa free hotel resort website template. It is one of the quickest and best solutions to craft a website while keeping your level of professionalism intact.

Upon your website’s load, visitors will quickly turn into potential guests since they will be unable to hold back the irresistible web design. It is all in the perfect order. The pictures, the texts, the special effects, the portfolio, Villa is no stranger to satisfying even the pickiest users. Gain recognition, refresh your current website and see your business grow above expectations with Villa hotel resort template.

The color palette of this template is composed by 49 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Cerise Red #e12361 rgb(225,35,97)
Pine Cone #655a51 rgb(101,90,81)
Kumera #805422 rgb(128,84,34)
Masala #48413d rgb(72,65,61)
Cranberry #de5e90 rgb(222,94,144)
Glacier #74a4cc rgb(116,164,204)
Oslo Gray #949698 rgb(148,150,152)
Cello #234561 rgb(35,69,97)
Mid Gray #6c6c74 rgb(108,108,116)
Polo Blue #8eaccc rgb(142,172,204)
Bismark #3e6281 rgb(62,98,129)
Gull Gray #9daeb8 rgb(157,174,184)
Kashmir Blue #476f96 rgb(71,111,150)
Shadow #7b6845 rgb(123,104,69)
Powder Blue #a9dde2 rgb(169,221,226)
Nutmeg #79362a rgb(121,54,42)
Arrowtown #957e6b rgb(149,126,107)
Cocoa Bean #4e2a1f rgb(78,42,31)
Tobacco Brown #70563f rgb(112,86,63)
Anzac #e4a244 rgb(228,162,68)
Brandy Punch #d98b39 rgb(217,139,57)
Edward #a2abac rgb(162,171,172)
Cocoa Bean #4f261b rgb(79,38,27)
Tobacco Brown #705742 rgb(112,87,66)
Rob Roy #eabe73 rgb(234,190,115)
Fountain Blue #59a1c2 rgb(89,161,194)
Bison Hide #c2ad9d rgb(194,173,157)
San Marino #3f779f rgb(63,119,159)
Gray Asparagus #545951 rgb(84,89,81)
Pigeon Post #a6c0d9 rgb(166,192,217)
Boston Blue #4596bd rgb(69,150,189)
Barley Corn #a18563 rgb(161,133,99)
Thatch Green #3e3b16 rgb(62,59,22)
Fuscous Gray #55594e rgb(85,89,78)
Polo Blue #99b9d7 rgb(153,185,215)
Apple #44b840 rgb(68,184,64)
Boulder #7c7c7c rgb(124,124,124)
Green Pea #246222 rgb(36,98,34)
Mine Shaft #242424 rgb(36,36,36)
Whiskey #d08f6f rgb(208,143,111)
Oslo Gray #8e9296 rgb(142,146,150)
Ebony #14182e rgb(20,24,46)
Pine Cone #776357 rgb(119,99,87)
Stark White #eadec6 rgb(234,222,198)
Tuatara #1c1c1b rgb(28,28,27)
Scooter #32b2cc rgb(50,178,204)
Waterloo #848695 rgb(132,134,149)
Black Bean #040e10 rgb(4,14,16)
Masala #464443 rgb(70,68,67)

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