Dorne: a Free Travel Directory Website Template Dorne: a Free Travel Directory Website Template Dorne: a Free Travel Directory Website Template Dorne: a Free Travel Directory Website Template

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Dorne is a free travel directory website template which is powered by Bootstrap Framework and all the latest web technologies. Building a listings website that specializes in travel destinations, hotels, restaurants and shopping has never been easier. Dorne does it all in the name of your convenience. From now on, you do not have to create the web design from scratch what shortens the website launch time drastically. Not only that, but the effort invested cuts down substantially, too.

Vivid colors, advanced search options, animations and special effects, Dorne thought of it all. Plus, Dorne is also ready to introduce the Add Listings features to your page. What all this tells you is that you are looking at a phenomenal free directory website template for your online project.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Purple Heart #7347dd rgb(115,71,221)
Manatee #93959e rgb(147,149,158)
Meteorite #381b7a rgb(56,27,122)
Ferra #735252 rgb(115,82,82)
Portage #9c74ec rgb(156,116,236)
Medium Purple #754fdb rgb(117,79,219)
Fiord #3d4e63 rgb(61,78,99)
Matisse #1578a4 rgb(21,120,164)
Dolphin #656374 rgb(101,99,116)
Royal Blue #7444e8 rgb(116,68,232)
Shuttle Gray #5e6578 rgb(94,101,120)
Blue Chill #0f7aa6 rgb(15,122,166)
Ferra #654a4c rgb(101,74,76)
Polo Blue #86a8d5 rgb(134,168,213)
Polo Blue #86a5cd rgb(134,165,205)
Nandor #4f5756 rgb(79,87,86)
Meteorite #351c77 rgb(53,28,119)
Pablo #7c7767 rgb(124,119,103)
Havelock Blue #4892e0 rgb(72,146,224)
Royal Blue #7445e7 rgb(116,69,231)
Slate Gray #707e8b rgb(112,126,139)
Meteorite #341d7a rgb(52,29,122)
Kokoda #73715d rgb(115,113,93)
Pigeon Post #a6bed6 rgb(166,190,214)
Royal Blue #7344e6 rgb(115,68,230)
Rum #7a6b85 rgb(122,107,133)
Port Gore #281e3f rgb(40,30,63)
Bastille #201c26 rgb(32,28,38)
Medium Purple #845ce1 rgb(132,92,225)
Puerto Rico #38c0a4 rgb(56,192,164)
Wisteria #a46cb4 rgb(164,108,180)
Meteorite #40267a rgb(64,38,122)
Fiord #3d5864 rgb(61,88,100)
Medium Purple #784ee1 rgb(120,78,225)
Desert #ba5e23 rgb(186,94,35)
Regent Gray #859ca5 rgb(133,156,165)
West Coast #724c1e rgb(114,76,30)
Bastille #1c1825 rgb(28,24,37)
Royal Blue #7545e9 rgb(117,69,233)
Royal Blue #7445e6 rgb(116,69,230)
Mid Gray #6a6874 rgb(106,104,116)
Port Gore #241b3c rgb(36,27,60)
Don Juan #604e4f rgb(96,78,79)
Antique Brass #ce8d61 rgb(206,141,97)

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