Miniblog: a Free Minimal Blog Website Template Miniblog: a Free Minimal Blog Website Template Miniblog: a Free Minimal Blog Website Template

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Miniblog – hence the name – is a free minimal blog website template, perfect for all sorts of intentions. Whether you would like to create a niche or general blog, you can make it happen with Miniblog without a hassle. The simplistic approach to web design easily caters to all sorts of different ideas and plans you have. You might even find yourself using Miniblog exactly as is due to its beautiful look.

In the bundle, you will find gorgeous single post pages, newsletter subscription form, social media icons and widget rich sidebar. Of course, Miniblog also practices all the modern trends and regulations of web development. It is 100% mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible, retina-friendly and lightweight. Make a content-driver blog with a smooth appearance which will spark everyone’s curiosity.

The color palette of this template is composed by 35 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Dodger Blue #3489f6 rgb(52,137,246)
Sandal #a5826b rgb(165,130,107)
Eternity #2e1e13 rgb(46,30,19)
Russett #7b6458 rgb(123,100,88)
Akaroa #dac0b1 rgb(218,192,177)
Sushi #8cc44c rgb(140,196,76)
Thatch #b6a091 rgb(182,160,145)
Fern Frond #446320 rgb(68,99,32)
Scarpa Flow #626164 rgb(98,97,100)
Aqua Spring #f4fcfc rgb(244,252,252)
Buttercup #f39f24 rgb(243,159,36)
Roman Coffee #79594a rgb(121,89,74)
Night Rider #0c0605 rgb(12,6,5)
Shark #252931 rgb(37,41,49)
Aqua Spring #e7f8f8 rgb(231,248,248)
Terracotta #e48f56 rgb(228,143,86)
Cement #927867 rgb(146,120,103)
Moccaccino #742414 rgb(116,36,20)
Masala #3f3937 rgb(63,57,55)
Picton Blue #4094f4 rgb(64,148,244)
Di Serria #db8f59 rgb(219,143,89)
Oslo Gray #8f9192 rgb(143,145,146)
Eclipse #302017 rgb(48,32,23)
Masala #44403f rgb(68,64,63)
Dodger Blue #348af3 rgb(52,138,243)
Cornflower Blue #5ca4ec rgb(92,164,236)
Ironside Gray #6c6c64 rgb(108,108,100)
Deep Sapphire #0d4276 rgb(13,66,118)
Lunar Green #3b3c3b rgb(59,60,59)
Dodger Blue #308cfc rgb(48,140,252)
Glacier #7fa9c7 rgb(127,169,199)
Silver Chalice #a5a4a4 rgb(165,164,164)
Coffee Bean #280e0c rgb(40,14,12)
Scorpion #5b5a5a rgb(91,90,90)
Dodger Blue #308af7 rgb(48,138,247)

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