Meranda: a Free Minimal Magazine Website Template Meranda: a Free Minimal Magazine Website Template Meranda: a Free Minimal Magazine Website Template

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Create a strong and lasting first impression on all your visitors with Meranda, a free minimal magazine website template. You can expect the layout of Meranda to be very appealing to the eye, placing all the focus on your magnificent content. Moreover, once you visit the live preview of Meranda, you will immediately notice the fantastic, premium-like features this web design sports. You can effortlessly differentiate your project from the masses and stand out a mile. Cleanness and sophistication are the two main characteristics of Meranda.

Other treats include slider, sticky menu, newsletter subscription widget, social icons and a fully working contact form. Also, feel free to employ Meranda for niche or general projects, the tool works with both and then some. Start sharing your stories with the world and finally make a difference that will positively impact others.

The color palette of this template is composed by 35 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Old Gold #cd993e rgb(205,153,62)
Dusty Gray #969394 rgb(150,147,148)
Korma #9e530d rgb(158,83,13)
Shark #1d1e21 rgb(29,30,33)
Pavlova #dcc7a7 rgb(220,199,167)
Sanguine Brown #8c3438 rgb(140,52,56)
Nevada #5c6c74 rgb(92,108,116)
Astronaut #244c6c rgb(36,76,108)
Mid Gray #6c6c74 rgb(108,108,116)
Calico #deac91 rgb(222,172,145)
Nutmeg #824833 rgb(130,72,51)
Gunsmoke #7c8382 rgb(124,131,130)
Denim #0f74ad rgb(15,116,173)
Woodsmoke #101214 rgb(16,18,20)
Stark White #e4d6bb rgb(228,214,187)
Pelorous #3cacb4 rgb(60,172,180)
Pewter #949c9c rgb(148,156,156)
Blue Dianne #215f63 rgb(33,95,99)
Cod Gray #0e0e0e rgb(14,14,14)
Aqua Spring #f4fcfc rgb(244,252,252)
Gold Tips #e4bc14 rgb(228,188,20)
Bombay #acacb1 rgb(172,172,177)
Yukon Gold #79640a rgb(121,100,10)
Dune #373431 rgb(55,52,49)
Fantasy #fcf4f4 rgb(252,244,244)
Governor Bay #3b48c3 rgb(59,72,195)
Corduroy #575d5b rgb(87,93,91)
Haiti #0d102b rgb(13,16,43)
Woodsmoke #040405 rgb(4,4,5)
Black Squeeze #f4fbfb rgb(244,251,251)
Hokey Pokey #d8a435 rgb(216,164,53)
Dusty Gray #959494 rgb(149,148,148)
Sepia Skin #955d42 rgb(149,93,66)
Thunder #161416 rgb(22,20,22)
Akaroa #d6c9a8 rgb(214,201,168)

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