Daren: a Free Beautiful Blog Website Template Daren: a Free Beautiful Blog Website Template Daren: a Free Beautiful Blog Website Template Daren: a Free Beautiful Blog Website Template

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With Daren, a free beautiful blog website template, you will definitely turn heads. Bear in mind, the tool is versatile enough to use it for establishing online magazine and newspaper pages, too. With its neat and minimal approach, Daren puts all the emphasis on your compelling content. No matter what niche you are in or even if creating a general blog, Daren easily adapts to your requirements. On top of that, you can adjust the layout and brand it accordingly.

Daren is, of course, mobile-ready and responsive, making sure that all your users get the most out of your web space. Not to mention, this free beautiful blog website template is also cross-browser compatible, retina screen friendly and optimized for an excellent performance. Get the word out with Daren and enter the online world with a banging new blog or news site.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Golden Grass #e29c23 rgb(226,156,35)
Sage #9ea77a rgb(158,167,122)
Fern Frond #5d6b23 rgb(93,107,35)
Mulled Wine #494a6c rgb(73,74,108)
Copperfield #de865c rgb(222,134,92)
Sycamore #889840 rgb(136,152,64)
Axolotl #496744 rgb(73,103,68)
Citron #a3b322 rgb(163,179,34)
Rangitoto #343623 rgb(52,54,35)
Viking #69c5df rgb(105,197,223)
Citron #99ab24 rgb(153,171,36)
Hillary #a6a67a rgb(166,166,122)
West Coast #653f1a rgb(101,63,26)
Rangoon Green #1a1c14 rgb(26,28,20)
Viking #6ac0d9 rgb(106,192,217)
Curious Blue #358ccd rgb(53,140,205)
Waterloo #767391 rgb(118,115,145)
Tosca #8b414a rgb(139,65,74)
San Juan #384c6f rgb(56,76,111)
Cranberry #d45194 rgb(212,81,148)
Mariner #2c7dbc rgb(44,125,188)
Lilac #bd93b6 rgb(189,147,182)
Cherrywood #6b1620 rgb(107,22,32)
Spicy Mix #8e5c46 rgb(142,92,70)
Pigeon Post #a4c3d8 rgb(164,195,216)
Laser #c5a86a rgb(197,168,106)
Viola #c698b0 rgb(198,152,176)
Lotus #7e3946 rgb(126,57,70)
Congo Brown #5d3c36 rgb(93,60,54)
Chalky #edda8f rgb(237,218,143)
Pomegranate #ef221f rgb(239,34,31)
Jumbo #84848c rgb(132,132,140)
Dark Burgundy #7b0a08 rgb(123,10,8)
Buccaneer #703c3c rgb(112,60,60)
Froly #f47474 rgb(244,116,116)
San Juan #374c75 rgb(55,76,117)
Muesli #a9915c rgb(169,145,92)
Cloud Burst #202a56 rgb(32,42,86)
Kabul #594339 rgb(89,67,57)
Green Mist #d2daaf rgb(210,218,175)
Crimson #ef1517 rgb(239,21,23)
Corduroy #6c706f rgb(108,112,111)
Mexican Red #a52429 rgb(165,36,41)
Mine Shaft #3d3a3a rgb(61,58,58)
Gimblet #b9a46b rgb(185,164,107)

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