Eden: a Free Creative Magazine Website Template Eden: a Free Creative Magazine Website Template Eden: a Free Creative Magazine Website Template Eden: a Free Creative Magazine Website Template

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If you would like to enter streets of the online world with a bang, Eden is the free creative magazine website template to choose. While the design is to some extent fairly minimal looking, it is, at the same time, vibrant, trendy and interest sparking. On top of that, no matter if you would like to start a niche or generic online magazine, you can build them both with Eden. It is a versatile, easy to use and powerful free website template that will do the trick.

Eden is 100% responsive and cross-browser compatible, retina screen friendly and based on Bootstrap Framework. Your page will easily stand the test of time, always looking refreshing and delivering outstanding performance. Add your distinct touch to Eden and customize it however you find it fit your requirements best.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Bright Sun #fcdc4a rgb(252,220,74)
Venus #8f848c rgb(143,132,140)
Denim #0b6ac2 rgb(11,106,194)
Shark #202226 rgb(32,34,38)
Dull Lavender #8da8e2 rgb(141,168,226)
Carnation #fc5c64 rgb(252,92,100)
Beaver #8f6c60 rgb(143,108,96)
Mule Fawn #984931 rgb(152,73,49)
River Bed #444c5c rgb(68,76,92)
Picton Blue #50c3f6 rgb(80,195,246)
Malibu #56c8f9 rgb(86,200,249)
Americano #856f6b rgb(133,111,107)
Bull Shot #86441e rgb(134,68,30)
Tundora #443f42 rgb(68,63,66)
Tulip Tree #f0aa4a rgb(240,170,74)
Equator #e0b061 rgb(224,176,97)
Hit Gray #a1afb4 rgb(161,175,180)
Firefly #0c1726 rgb(12,23,38)
Jacarta #332f6b rgb(51,47,107)
Turquoise Blue #60c0e4 rgb(96,192,228)
Casablanca #f4b855 rgb(244,184,85)
Hit Gray #a1b1b6 rgb(161,177,182)
Blue Dianne #23415a rgb(35,65,90)
Bunker #11181e rgb(17,24,30)
Viking #58bedd rgb(88,190,221)
Lightning Yellow #fcbc2a rgb(252,188,42)
Bazaar #9c7977 rgb(156,121,119)
Nutmeg #884228 rgb(136,66,40)
Rock #493832 rgb(73,56,50)
Chalky #ecc58c rgb(236,197,140)
Cadillac #b05463 rgb(176,84,99)
Arrowtown #968867 rgb(150,136,103)
Cumin #924624 rgb(146,70,36)
Judge Gray #554033 rgb(85,64,51)
Cashmere #e9b89d rgb(233,184,157)
Bright Turquoise #09d4d9 rgb(9,212,217)
Old Rose #b87f70 rgb(184,127,112)
Nutmeg #853e2b rgb(133,62,43)
Woody Brown #3b2d2e rgb(59,45,46)
Valencia #df4b4a rgb(223,75,74)
Deep Blush #e672b2 rgb(230,114,178)
Mountain Mist #9d9b9f rgb(157,155,159)
Catalina Blue #062787 rgb(6,39,135)
Bistre #392b1e rgb(57,43,30)
Gold Sand #eac090 rgb(234,192,144)

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