Sensive: a Free Simple Blog Website Template Sensive: a Free Simple Blog Website Template Sensive: a Free Simple Blog Website Template Sensive: a Free Simple Blog Website Template

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If you are looking for a free simple blog website template, Sensive is one of the best solutions you can find on the market today. It is clean, minimal, mobile-ready and entirely responsive. On top of that, Sensive is versatile and flexible enough to work with many niches, like fashion, travel, personal, DIY and lifestyle to name a few. Stretch your creativity with Sensive and craft the must-have blog sooner rather than later.

Sensive is based on the Bootstrap Framework and follows all the latest practices in web design. That said, your page will stand the test of time, always looking refreshing regardless of the device they use. Kick off your blogging journey in style and start growing your loyal community that will take your project to new extremes. It is all possible when you gain access to a dope template like Sensive is.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Dallas #794e22 rgb(121,78,34)
Sand Dune #856f67 rgb(133,111,103)
Metallic Bronze #50321b rgb(80,50,27)
Cocoa Brown #241e1c rgb(36,30,28)
Link Water #cde0f1 rgb(205,224,241)
Calypso #388094 rgb(56,128,148)
Muddy Waters #b48c5d rgb(180,140,93)
Eastern Blue #2494bc rgb(36,148,188)
Judge Gray #5a4f38 rgb(90,79,56)
Di Serria #e0a46c rgb(224,164,108)
Potters Clay #885c3c rgb(136,92,60)
Venus #918d8f rgb(145,141,143)
Jelly Bean #2683a5 rgb(38,131,165)
Millbrook #584a32 rgb(88,74,50)
My Pink #d19d85 rgb(209,157,133)
Calypso #2a6a80 rgb(42,106,128)
Napa #ac9f91 rgb(172,159,145)
Aztec #10241a rgb(16,36,26)
Lunar Green #41433f rgb(65,67,63)
Calypso #26657e rgb(38,101,126)
Rolling Stone #7b8388 rgb(123,131,136)
Black Olive #1a2511 rgb(26,37,17)
Cape Cod #393e3d rgb(57,62,61)
Anzac #df9d47 rgb(223,157,71)
Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown #c05050 rgb(192,80,80)
Jumbo #84848c rgb(132,132,140)
Rhino #2c445c rgb(44,68,92)
Pickled Bluewood #2c3c50 rgb(44,60,80)
Tahiti Gold #dc8404 rgb(220,132,4)
Spanish Green #7c9484 rgb(124,148,132)
Chathams Blue #144c6c rgb(20,76,108)
Kabul #544d3e rgb(84,77,62)
Mandys Pink #f4bcac rgb(244,188,172)
Driftwood #b4884c rgb(180,136,76)
Lynch #697c94 rgb(105,124,148)
Jambalaya #553213 rgb(85,50,19)
Pickled Bluewood #334458 rgb(51,68,88)
Black Squeeze #eaf6f8 rgb(234,246,248)
Brandy Punch #d2952d rgb(210,149,45)
Chicago #5f5d57 rgb(95,93,87)
Matisse #206797 rgb(32,103,151)
Spicy Mix #965b49 rgb(150,91,73)
Cameo #d7bd98 rgb(215,189,152)

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