Revive: a Modern and Sophisticated and Easy To Use Free Photo Blog Website Template Revive: a Modern and Sophisticated and Easy To Use Free Photo Blog Website Template Revive: a Modern and Sophisticated and Easy To Use Free Photo Blog Website Template Revive: a Modern and Sophisticated and Easy To Use Free Photo Blog Website Template

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Revive is a modern, stunning, sophisticated and easy to use free photo blog website template. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, or you just like to take shots while on epic adventures and would like your experiences documented online, Revive is the way to go. You can now have a spectacular online presence that will help you connect with your fan base and grow your project accordingly. Sticky to the default settings or take the extra step and enrich Revive with your signature style; the outcome will always be a striking photo blog.

Cool slider, hover effects, widget-ready sidebar and footer, newsletter subscription, social media icons, Instagram feed and loads of preset elements to choose from; enjoy the amazingness of Revive now. The tool is 100% responsive, retina-ready, cross-browser compatible and SEO-friendly for an always outstanding performance.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Brown Rust #ae5941 rgb(174,89,65)
Oslo Gray #879497 rgb(135,148,151)
Gable Green #182932 rgb(24,41,50)
Nevada #6a6f6f rgb(106,111,111)
Japonica #d47458 rgb(212,116,88)
San Marino #3d6c9c rgb(61,108,156)
Spanish Green #7c9880 rgb(124,152,128)
Venice Blue #0c4882 rgb(12,72,130)
Tundora #453c3d rgb(69,60,61)
Ship Cove #6c94bc rgb(108,148,188)
Wedgewood #48739f rgb(72,115,159)
Au Chico #965c52 rgb(150,92,82)
Venice Blue #0c4780 rgb(12,71,128)
Thunder #2c2427 rgb(44,36,39)
Danube #6094c9 rgb(96,148,201)
St Tropaz #2b6290 rgb(43,98,144)
Nepal #88a9bc rgb(136,169,188)
Elephant #0e263c rgb(14,38,60)
Como #547664 rgb(84,118,100)
Fountain Blue #589cc4 rgb(88,156,196)
Chathams Blue #14548a rgb(20,84,138)
Sand Dune #7d6c69 rgb(125,108,105)
Elephant #0b2235 rgb(11,34,53)
Como #4b7763 rgb(75,119,99)
Regent St Blue #a0c3e7 rgb(160,195,231)
Tall Poppy #b42434 rgb(180,36,52)
Gray Chateau #a0a6a8 rgb(160,166,168)
Moccaccino #6e161f rgb(110,22,31)
Mirage #1e1d33 rgb(30,29,51)
Calico #e4c49c rgb(228,196,156)
Java #14acdc rgb(20,172,220)
Cement #846c5c rgb(132,108,92)
San Juan #2c546c rgb(44,84,108)
Chicago #5d5c5a rgb(93,92,90)
Cognac #9e321b rgb(158,50,27)
Au Chico #935a57 rgb(147,90,87)
Night Rider #150c0a rgb(21,12,10)
Mirage #1c1b2d rgb(28,27,45)
Periwinkle Gray #aec6e0 rgb(174,198,224)
Fountain Blue #47a0b4 rgb(71,160,180)
Chicago #5e5b58 rgb(94,91,88)
Calypso #306994 rgb(48,105,148)
Dune #2e2c29 rgb(46,44,41)
Pavlova #d4bc99 rgb(212,188,153)

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