Hikers: a Free Mobile-Ready Travel Blog Website Template Hikers: a Free Mobile-Ready Travel Blog Website Template Hikers: a Free Mobile-Ready Travel Blog Website Template Hikers: a Free Mobile-Ready Travel Blog Website Template

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Hikers – as the name suggests – is a free mobile-ready travel blog website template with a neat and clean look. Grabbing their attention and sparking their interest will be a breeze with Hikers. Besides, if you fancy Hikers’ web design, by all means, use it for an entirely different niche as well. Hikers is effortless to use, highly adaptive, responsive, retina-friendly and in tune with modern web browsers. Kick off your blogging career in style and reach the successes you would like to attain.

Awesome slideshow, social media icons, newsletter subscription form and widgets-ready footer and sidebar are at your disposal. Introduce your signature style to Hikers and make it your own. Last but not least, pair it with your outstanding adventures and compelling content and start growing a loyal community of readers.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Sushi #8ab84c rgb(138,184,76)
Edward #a1b7ab rgb(161,183,171)
Quincy #5c442c rgb(92,68,44)
Masala #433a37 rgb(67,58,55)
Deco #b4d48c rgb(180,212,140)
Olivine #a4c87c rgb(164,200,124)
Friar Gray #84847f rgb(132,132,127)
Timber Green #1a3436 rgb(26,52,54)
Roman Coffee #765446 rgb(118,84,70)
Sorrell Brown #cdae91 rgb(205,174,145)
Fire Bush #e79d2d rgb(231,157,45)
William #375965 rgb(55,89,101)
Te Papa Green #1e383f rgb(30,56,63)
Plantation #274a50 rgb(39,74,80)
Havelock Blue #4089dd rgb(64,137,221)
Tussock #cc9c5c rgb(204,156,92)
Shuttle Gray #54646c rgb(84,100,108)
Roof Terracotta #a43424 rgb(164,52,36)
Heavy Metal #111311 rgb(17,19,17)
Brandy #dcb68e rgb(220,182,142)
Tan #cfaa7d rgb(207,170,125)
Edward #9ba4a4 rgb(155,164,164)
Potters Clay #92573f rgb(146,87,63)
Kabul #654d3e rgb(101,77,62)
Di Serria #d59653 rgb(213,150,83)
Cornflower Blue #4c9cf4 rgb(76,156,244)
Regent Gray #919b9e rgb(145,155,158)
Ming #34647c rgb(52,100,124)
Abbey #4a5458 rgb(74,84,88)
Antique Brass #cc9c64 rgb(204,156,100)
Royal Blue #317ee1 rgb(49,126,225)
Abbey #595a5c rgb(89,90,92)
Ebony #04040c rgb(4,4,12)
Mine Shaft #343434 rgb(52,52,52)
Jordy Blue #8cbcf4 rgb(140,188,244)
Sorrell Brown #caaf8f rgb(202,175,143)
Roman Coffee #765043 rgb(118,80,67)
San Juan #294f61 rgb(41,79,97)
Blue Bayoux #42646e rgb(66,100,110)
Fuel Yellow #eda02d rgb(237,160,45)
Raw Sienna #d6933d rgb(214,147,61)
Del Rio #b29d91 rgb(178,157,145)
Coffee Bean #260b0c rgb(38,11,12)
Dorado #5c5654 rgb(92,86,84)
Dodger Blue #348af1 rgb(52,138,241)

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