Vizew: a Free Online Magazine Portal Website Template Vizew: a Free Online Magazine Portal Website Template Vizew: a Free Online Magazine Portal Website Template Vizew: a Free Online Magazine Portal Website Template

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Are you looking to start a newspaper or online magazine portal but you cannot find the right free HTML5 news website template? The main reason, why you cannot find it, might be because you really like pages with dark layouts, and there are not many such site canvases out there. Today is your lucky day! Meet Vizew, a fantastic tool that will sort you out with the ideal web design for your news project quick and reliable.

Vizew has all you need to run a successful online news site and make it popular. Of course, it also follows all the latest technology trends and web regulations to make sure everyone gets the most out of your website. Meaning, you Vizew-based page will be 100% mobile ready and in tune with all modern web browsers. It makes sure always to deliver the same remarkable reading experience.

The color palette of this template is composed by 42 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Punch #db4434 rgb(219,68,52)
Corduroy #6a7770 rgb(106,119,112)
Blue Dianne #1c4d48 rgb(28,77,72)
Mineral Green #41655e rgb(65,101,94)
Oyster Pink #ead3ce rgb(234,211,206)
Punch #db4535 rgb(219,69,53)
Limed Ash #727568 rgb(114,117,104)
Tiber #064240 rgb(6,66,64)
Mineral Green #465f59 rgb(70,95,89)
Danube #6ca7d6 rgb(108,167,214)
Fountain Blue #5ea5bf rgb(94,165,191)
Flint #747265 rgb(116,114,101)
San Marino #45619b rgb(69,97,155)
Mineral Green #3e635a rgb(62,99,90)
Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown #c05b67 rgb(192,91,103)
Punch #db4334 rgb(219,67,52)
Flint #706d69 rgb(112,109,105)
Pacifika #8c8820 rgb(140,136,32)
Masala #483b3a rgb(72,59,58)
Chestnut Rose #c86953 rgb(200,105,83)
Driftwood #ab7e52 rgb(171,126,82)
Coffee #736758 rgb(115,103,88)
Aztec #091215 rgb(9,18,21)
Tundora #4a4140 rgb(74,65,64)
Akaroa #d9c3b0 rgb(217,195,176)
Gothic #7092a7 rgb(112,146,167)
Ocean Green #40986c rgb(64,152,108)
Tapa #747371 rgb(116,115,113)
Roman #dc584f rgb(220,88,79)
Punch #dc4434 rgb(220,68,52)
Dove Gray #706866 rgb(112,104,102)
Matisse #1c6494 rgb(28,100,148)
Masala #433c39 rgb(67,60,57)
Contessa #c87c74 rgb(200,124,116)
Breaker Bay #5b9fa5 rgb(91,159,165)
San Juan #2e4f64 rgb(46,79,100)
Pine Cone #726357 rgb(114,99,87)
Punch #db4435 rgb(219,68,53)
Hippie Blue #629eb4 rgb(98,158,180)
Black Bean #040d0f rgb(4,13,15)
Dove Gray #746f6d rgb(116,111,109)
Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown #c85857 rgb(200,88,87)

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