Wordify: an Easy To Use Free Writer Website Template Wordify: an Easy To Use Free Writer Website Template Wordify: an Easy To Use Free Writer Website Template

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Hence the name, Wordify is an easy to use free writer website template for bloggers, journalists, authors, editors and the like. You can easily alter Wordify to your needs due to its simplistic, clean and stunning web design. Wordify is a Bootstrap Framework tool what means adjusting to different devices happens in a snap. Moreover, it is also in tune with all web browsers, retina screens and ensures fantastic performance.

Wordify features a framed slider, widget-rich sidebar and footer and a great attention to detail. Your content is put right in front of your readers, distraction-free. That said, make sure you use Wordify to its full potential and craft a website for your writing passion quickly. The outcome will stand the test of time, never run old and dull. Start your journey strong and do things your way.

The color palette of this template is composed by 31 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Electric Violet #6313f1 rgb(99,19,241)
Bismark #477488 rgb(71,116,136)
Blue Gem #4c0cc4 rgb(76,12,196)
Shadow #846754 rgb(132,103,84)
Medium Purple #8a51e7 rgb(138,81,231)
Matisse #1e7f99 rgb(30,127,153)
Lemon Grass #9a9c99 rgb(154,156,153)
Mosque #066e78 rgb(6,110,120)
Gray Asparagus #51564e rgb(81,86,78)
Medium Purple #8c50ec rgb(140,80,236)
Cerulean Blue #3e53cd rgb(62,83,205)
Pewter #949b9a rgb(148,155,154)
Elm #1c7389 rgb(28,115,137)
Lunar Green #454742 rgb(69,71,66)
Pavlova #d9c39f rgb(217,195,159)
Cerulean #08a6da rgb(8,166,218)
Patina #5a8882 rgb(90,136,130)
Lochmara #047eb9 rgb(4,126,185)
Mine Shaft #242424 rgb(36,36,36)
Hoki #648c9c rgb(100,140,156)
Skeptic #c4e4dc rgb(196,228,220)
Cerulean #06a0d7 rgb(6,160,215)
Cascade #88a9a0 rgb(136,169,160)
Oracle #366e73 rgb(54,110,115)
Plantation #244a48 rgb(36,74,72)
Aquamarine Blue #71c3e4 rgb(113,195,228)
Hippie Blue #4b9eb3 rgb(75,158,179)
Gumbo #789fa6 rgb(120,159,166)
Aztec #0b171a rgb(11,23,26)
Tapa #726f6c rgb(114,111,108)
Cameo #d7ae98 rgb(215,174,152)

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