Ruft: a Free Travel Website Template Ruft: a Free Travel Website Template Ruft: a Free Travel Website Template

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If your life is full of adventures, you might want to put them into compelling content with Ruft free travel website template. This Bootstrap Framework-based tool is packed with goodies that will create an enticing experience regardless of the device they use. It is a fully responsive and mobile-ready template that seamlessly adapts to smartphones, tablets and desktops. In additions to that, your thriving blog will also work fluently on modern web browsers for an always impressive reading activity.

Some other specialties of Ruft are full-screen banner, neat comments slider, newsletter subscription form and Instagram feed. No need to think twice, employ this excellent free website template for travel blogs today and have your version live faster than ever. Bear in mind, Ruft is effortless to use so make sure you utilize its full potential.

The color palette of this template is composed by 34 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Medium Purple #6c53dc rgb(108,83,220)
Russett #81645b rgb(129,100,91)
Lucky Point #26166e rgb(38,22,110)
Medium Purple #794dd4 rgb(121,77,212)
Heliotrope #8c64fc rgb(140,100,252)
Roman Coffee #795e52 rgb(121,94,82)
Old Copper #744c34 rgb(116,76,52)
Cocoa Brown #27201d rgb(39,32,29)
Bone #e0c8b3 rgb(224,200,179)
Whiskey #d5a57a rgb(213,165,122)
Roman Coffee #73564b rgb(115,86,75)
Cocoa Bean #4c271d rgb(76,39,29)
Cod Gray #1d191a rgb(29,25,26)
Spring Wood #f7f5ed rgb(247,245,237)
Cornflower Blue #8454f9 rgb(132,84,249)
Napa #aea594 rgb(174,165,148)
Black Marlin #40341c rgb(64,52,28)
Kelp #484730 rgb(72,71,48)
Twine #c18c64 rgb(193,140,100)
Lavender #a884dc rgb(168,132,220)
Lemon Grass #9c9c8c rgb(156,156,140)
Jacarta #342c5c rgb(52,44,92)
Scarpa Flow #5c5c5e rgb(92,92,94)
Cornflower Blue #895ef4 rgb(137,94,244)
Tan #d3a788 rgb(211,167,136)
Donkey Brown #a59471 rgb(165,148,113)
Sycamore #947837 rgb(148,120,55)
Rangitoto #2b2b1e rgb(43,43,30)
Zombie #ded384 rgb(222,211,132)
Cornflower Blue #8b62fa rgb(139,98,250)
Sandstone #716764 rgb(113,103,100)
Tawny Port #66252f rgb(102,37,47)
Tundora #494046 rgb(73,64,70)
Brandy #dac092 rgb(218,192,146)

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